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    Default FAQ - The Raid World Bosses

    What are the Raid World Bosses?
    The cute little critters have called for help! They are sick of beeing killed over and over again!
    The World Raid Bosses are the critter's revengers! They are here to revenge the death of all the critters you have killed in Rift!

    There will be three new Raid World Bosses in Telara:

    Alisich -Squirrels’ Revenge-

    FAQ - The Raid World Bosses-alisich.jpg

    Eki’i -Spiders’ Revenge-

    FAQ - The Raid World Bosses-eki.jpg

    Thelori-iskzah -Crabs’ Revenge-

    FAQ - The Raid World Bosses-d575af76-krabbe.jpg

    How can you find them?
    To make the bosses spawn, you will have to kill a lot of critters.

    How much time do you have to kill them?
    The Raid World Bosses - as the name already tells - are very difficult to defeat and you will only defeat them if you work together!
    Only if the whole server works as a team, you will be able to defeat them!
    As soon as one of the Raid World Bosses appears, you will have 60 minutes to defeat it. If you are not able to defeat it in this time frame, it will disappear again.

    What are the rewards?
    There will be a lot of great rewards for the victors, e.g. Champion's Weapons, but also a new currency that you will be able to trade in for more awesome rewards in the future.
    In order to not take away the surprise, we will let you find out the rest on your own!

    What are you waiting for?
    In order for you to be able to defeat and loot the Raid World Bosses in time, don't forget to call your friends as soon as you see one of them!
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