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Thread: Kain's Questline Guide: Sir/Dame title and Necrotic Essence (Guardian)

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    Default Kain's Questline Guide: Sir/Dame title and Necrotic Essence (Guardian)

    <Twilight over Telara: Fear and Loathing in the 12th Sanctuary Guards>

    Rift has quite a few suffix titles, titles that go after your character's name. You can get suffix titles reaching a given of reputation with a faction, being a Patron, or even just for leveling up crafting, as well as taking part in or completing all kinds of events and dungeons/raids/storylines. Prefix titles, titles that go in front of your character name, are a bit uncommon. One source of them is, if you are a Guardian, a certain sub-story of quest chains spread over three different areas, spanning ~25 levels that, if completed, will see you accepted as an officer of the 12th Sanctuary Guards and a knight of Sanctuary, with the prefix title of Sir or Dame (based on character gender). The quests tell the story of the fall of Kain, the commander of that unit.

    When I found out about this, it sounded like something fun to do. I had rolled through many areas while leveling and completely many quests, so this was a good reason to go back and see some other bits of story I was missing. How hard could it be to knock out a bunch of quests in areas I outlevelled by 40 levels or more? Ho, boy.

    The problem was not smacking around mobs, it was figuring out what it was I didn't do. I had done most of the quests in two of the three areas in question, likely out of order and with large gaps between them, over multiple patches. Add to that the fact that the quest groups are only engineered to be part of a given area, so they do not help conduct you from one area to another when you are done. In fact, they do not let you know you are done in a given area. I could also only find very sketchy general advice about the quest groups. I presume most people were not trying to get the title when it appeared, or just did mostly everything in an area and were not paying careful attention to the quest chains, but just leveling. I was only able to find locations of NPCs where different chains that make up the three major groups start and the name of the last quest in each chain, but little else. I followed what little information I could find, completed what seemed to be Kain's story, received the item rewards for the end of Kain's story, but no title. Given how spotty the information I could find was, I went back and did nearly every quest in each of the three areas, but no title. So I sent a message to support with some screenshots of end-of-Kain's-story rewards. It took some time, but they did indeed grant me the title. All the time I was thinking, 'man, why isn't there some kind of guide for this?'

    So, as I ran in to the second area on another character that I had leveled entirely on Instant/Intrepid Adventures and some bits here and there in Silverwood ... I started keeping notes. Since I hadn't done any quests anywhere else important to it, I could do a more or less 'clean' run for the title. I backfilled the first area based on quests completed, filled in notes from memory and then starting keeping track from there on. All I list below are the quest names, in sequence (!!!), by location (for the 2nd and 3rd leg .. the first is fairly linear), the quest giver's name, the quest's type and notes to smooth over rough patches. If you want more info on the quests or coordinates, hit up zam, magelo or just ask the Internet.

    Kain's story spans three areas: Iron Pine Peak (IPP), Scarwood (SCW), and Stillmoor (STM). It is a little disjointed because storyline and geographical location don't match up all that well. It seems to me that the SCW segment comes first, then IPP, then STM, but level-wise and location-wise, that doesn't really work out. I am going to guess there had been some changes during development and either this issue wasn't caught, or was just deemed unnecessary to patch before release and then no one quite go around to it. Be that as it may, I'll refer to the IPP part as the first, the SCW part as the second and the STM part as the third, since that matches level progression better. As far as I can tell, there is no necessary sequence, but I would recommend holding STM for last, since that is when rewards are supposed to be delivered, and from what I've read, there can be trouble with the NPC that grants them spawning. If you already seriously outlevel most of the areas (say, 50+ or so), I would recommend going SCW->IPP->STM, since the story seems to work best that way.

    I classified the quests as follows:
    mob bop:
    You need to kill some number of monsters. The reason might be you need items they carry, or you need stuff they are made of, or you just need to eliminate X number of them, but you can not complete the quest without killing mobs. Bop 'em on the head 'til they're dead!

    item poke:
    You need to either touch some thing, or put a thing next to a thing, or get a thing. In other words, you need to go to some specific place or next to some thing and click it or a quest item. You're poking items.

    Click on an NPC and watch the wall of text ensue.

    These are often, but not always, quests to talk to someone, but the main purpose is to get you to go somewhere where the next part of a quest chain will be offered.

    Go somewhere, then come back. These are often quests to scout areas. You don't need to kill a mob, touch an item or even talk to anyone, just beat feet there and don't get lost coming back.

    you didn't get the memo?:
    You need to go right back to a place you just were and do something else. You could have done it already because you were just there, if they just asked.

    +: also .. since you're in the area...
    These quests are quests that involved doing things in the same area that didn't seem to be necessary, or linked to finishing the chain/sequence, but were in the area, so I did them anyway. For instance, if the next part in the chain was to go get some magic coffee cup, but to get there I had to go down a hallway filled with Angry Barristas, and there was a quest to kill 10 Angry Barristas, I would pick it up since I would need to go through that area and would likely have to clobber them anyway. I do not know if these quests are important (or necessary), but I did them.

    &: and .. while you're on the one...
    These quests are quests that either I knew were part of the chain\sequence or I found out later were part of it. So, if you want to finish the chain, you need to do it as well, but you can complete it while you're doing the other quest.

    The Humanity!: why, oh why?!?!...
    Something I found particularly annoying, frustrating or counterintuitive that I do not want you to run in to.

    Do what, now?: urmm... what?
    A place where there is an odd break in the flow of quests, the next part of a quest or chain is not near by, or here is something odd, tricky or hidden about the quest.

    Seriously?: oh, come on!
    Something I found eye-rollingly exasperating about a quest. It isn't something that is hard to deal with, just something that makes life a little less plesant for no particular reason that you should know about.

    1st leg: Iron Pine Peak
    The Iron Pine Peak segment is vanishingly short, but has some annoying bits and a large amount of travel.

    Story-wise you find out about Kain's current mission and see how and why it may be taking quite a toll on him.

    The reason why I think this area comes second is that. well, Kain is not yet ... urm ... well, he still has some of his marbles, let's say, and he asks for you by name, implying he already knows you. When you talk to the NPC who kicks off this segment, Private Meirdi, he says Kain heard you were in the area and asked him to look out for you and send you along. Given the way that the SCW segment starts, with Kain not knowing you well enough to even talk to you and you needing to prove yourself, it seems that this is the middle of the story.

    Report to Marshal Kain (Private Meirdi .. breadcrumb/talky)

    Mercy Is for The Weak (Marshal Kain .. mob bop)

    (you didn't get the memo? :^P)
    Make Him Sing (Marshal Kain .. mob bop/talky)

    The quest mob will 100% not talk to you until you beat them up. The first time I ran this I tried all kinds of stuff to try to get the NPC to talk to me, because they were yellow and not red. I finally got annoyed, rolled up my sleeves and played Beethoven's 5th traction case on his ivories. Lo and behold, if you run his HP down to almost dead, he'll then stop all damage and spill the beans just before you spill his guts. When you attack he (like a lot of other special evil NPCs) will just constantly channel Mortality. Mortality is a Warlock spell that will do damage to you and heal him. If you have any ranged abilities at all just stand out of range of his evil swirlies of doom(tm) and plink away. I've never seen him stop and get closer or use another ability. If you only have melee abilities, well, be prepared to hit him real hard and real fast.

    A Hymn of Frost and Flame (Ekdim the Mad .. mob bop)

    Do what, now? / Seriously?:
    Whelp .. time to hitch up that wagon and head on out to the Droughtlands! Where? Exactly. You need to point your face southeast and schlep your sorry hide to the other end of the continent. Why? Because Kain! You really do need to traverse what is essentially the entire length of the initial Telara zone map. There are a few ways that might take the sting out of it (but won't make it faster, at the end of the day):
    1. Do some Instant Adventures and hope you get one in Droughtlands. If you do, leave the group and run to the pretty much the center of the zone. You'll see a big rock and lots of friendly NPCs. That's the main quest hub that has a portal up a ramp on the northern end. Now you can hop back and forth to Droughtlands at your leisure.

    2. If you are above level 50, have unlocked planar attunement, are speccing Air or have 47 points to throw around (or don't mind resetting and respeccing back later), once you master the first Air grid you can unlock a teleport to Droughtlands with one point in the 2nd.

    ... otherwise... you're in for a trip. If you want to just get there ASAP and don't want to (or can't) make use of one of the two options above, the fastest course I could plot is to teleport to the furthest south you can in Silverwood, go to extreme southwest of the zone, and start swimming. Then head south toward Freemarch and hug the eastern coast. Either mount up or swim. This is the starting area for the Defiant faction, so you should outlevel the mobs quite a bit, so they should more or less leave you alone. When you get to the southernmost tip of Freemarch ... keep going. You'll cross over in to the Droughtlands.

    When you get to the Droughtlands, oh you are in for a treat! First head to the center of the zone and pick up the portal. After that .. head east. You need to go toward the other big rock past some puddles of evil black goo. Head around to the eastern side and you'll see a ramp. Start climbing. I hope you like climbing. The mobs here are spaced just about perfectly so that you can't easily avoid them, even if you outlevel the zone by a fair amount. I was over level 50 and I still had to bop pretty much every .. single .. one. At one point you'll come to a wide plateau and you'll see, at long last, some sparkles to the right (east) on some altar between some big natural pillars. Ah, you didn't think it would be THAT easy, did you? Nope. I know the quest marker might be on it, but you have to come BACK to those. First walk past them (north) and pick up the ramp again, continuing up to the next level. Once you get there you need to walk all the way across it, and then down (?! yes, down...) some stairs on the north end. You'll start having mobs spawning and running at you, now. Once you get to the bottom of those stairs you'll see just what was missing in your life .. more up! Proceed up the ramp/stairs, whacking mobs as they stream down at you. When you get to the top, take out your frustrations all over Eridius the Maker there. You'll get a key and the Communique from his violently deceased corpse. Now guess what you get to do? That's right, go all the way back to that altar! Well, you can jump from the platform you're on to the level you were on before, which should speed things up a bit. Get the Remnant and now ... head back to the portal and pop back to Iron Pine Peak. It made me tired just typing it all. Have fun!

    Theodeor's Guidance (Marshal Kain .. talky)

    Do what, now?:
    Maybe the devs felt bad about the previous quest, I don't know, but if you have the portal in the middle of the zone, you can hop to it directly from Sanctuary. The NPC you need to talk to is standing right next to it.

    An Unbearable Burden (Sentinel Enthea .. mob bop/item poke)

    Do what, now?:
    At first, not too tough. You need to ambush some guys and get some magic foozle. Sounds easy? Yeah, well, this one gets steep fast. First, before you do anything, make sure you have access to the portal up at the Chancel of Labors. If you don't, getting to it is easy. Sentinel Enthta is standing by the portal at a 'T' junction of roads. Just follow the road east and you'll come upon it. Get the portal. I would recommend that you ride from the portal there to the north, watching the wall of the big building to your left (west) for the last doorway. Duck in and take note of the ramp and bright red forge in the center of the room. You will need to be able to find it very quickly soon. Now, portal back to where Sentinel Enthea is.

    Now comes the fun .. walk a little way down the southery road at the intersection (to the edge of the gold quest circle), and wait. You will presently see three mobs walking up the road toward you. You want to fight them as close to the portal as possible. If you walk up and talk to them, they'll turn red and starting fighting you. The lighter-armored courier in the middle will start running away at a point. Don't let them! Clobber that mob ASAP, and DO NOT loot them. Finish fighting the other mobs. Once you are done, get ready. Two friendly NPCs will show up, but they won't be much help. When you loot the courier you will get the big, bad evil whatsit. It will continually damage you so long as it is in your inventory. What you need to do is get to the forge at the back of the Chancel of Labors and destroy it before it toasts you to delightful, crisp golden brown. The name of the game here is speed.

    As soon as you loot the courier, mount up and ride for the portal Sentinel Enthea is standing next to. Use it to teleport to the Chancel of Labors. Ride to that door you spotted before (see why I said so?) and up the ramp. Be careful! The ramp is very thin, easy to fall off of and there is a gap between the ramp and the forge at the top that is very easy to fall down if you aren't being careful (*ahem*). When you get there, mouse over the forge and you'll get a hand icon .. click! Click like you've never clicked before! It will take an agonizing second or two to destroy the evil badness. If you fail, you can go back to Sentinel Enthea and pick it up again.

    A Burden Lifted (granted automatically .. talky)
    A Matter of Providence (Marshal Kain .. talky)
    Speak to the Fist (Dame Levitia Volya .. talky)
    One Solider to Another (Brother Jebiah .. talky)

    2nd leg: Scarwood
    Strap in, get some snacks and clear your calendar. You will be in Scarwood for a while.
    Story-wise, you start helping out more and more important members of Kain's unit until the big man himself takes notice. He sends you on a few increasingly far away and dangerous missions where you uncover the reason behind the current attacks in the area. You pursue this lead further and further through the front lines until you go on a one-man-army Rambo commando mission to put a stop to a plot that could spell doom for all on Telara.

    The reason why I think this area is meant to happen first is that Kain won't even really give you the time of day. When you speak to Fedor (1st quest), he says that basically Kain is a bit of a jerk, but if you show him you're no newb, he'll be cool. Playing through it a second time, I really liked this quest sequence. Some of the parts were annoying, but it told the story quite well with a decent basis maintaining some good rising tension and tempo. In order to really get that though, you have to be able to more or less wade through the mobs, so you don't lose the tempo or thread of the story while slogging your way through the various areas. Scarwood is packed to the gills with; beasts, Aelfwar, undead, plant-creatures .. man, you name it, Scarwood has it and it all wants to eat your face. When running this area the first time at level each quest took so long and travel back and forth was so spotty (with enemies knocking me off my mount every ten feet) I really lost the story. I also think some of the dev(s) who worked on this area had a real mean streak. A few of the quests can really mess with you.

    Kain's Command:
    Command Training (Fedor .. talky)
    Natural Hazards (Capt. Ledisko .. mob bop)
    Redeployment (talky - breadcrumb)
    Supply Run (Sir Isaak Kazimir .. mob bop)
    (oh, you didn't get the memo? :^P)
    Proscribed Technologies (Dame Levitia Volya .. item poke)
    Hand of Kain (Marshal Kain .. breadcrumb)

    Heroes' Stand:
    Bahralt's Shrine (Sir Piotr Sinnecki .. poke, mob bop, poke (side entrance))(story) & Sacred Recollection (Bohem Marobodus .. mob bop)(quest chain)

    Do what, now?:
    Bahralt's quest is flagged as a 'story' quest with that crinkly parchment background and everything! Meanwhile, old Bohem's quest is just another monster-smacker, so, meh? No! No "meh"! Even though Bohem's quest is not the 'story' quest, Bohem is the one that gives you the next step in the chain once you turn in his quest, so don't leave it behind.

    The Humanity!:
    So, you need to storm the evil keep and get the magic whatever. No problem! You heroically blast a bunch of undead to bits, ascending the stone stairway until you get to the keep. You climb the big, main, center stairs and have a big, main, center standoff with four melee and two ranged undead waiting at the top. Huzzah! Victorious and covered with an uneven coat of undead ichor and bone chunks, you realize that the doorway is barred. The quest marker is on the other side .. but how do you get there? There are no switches or anything. Well, you just got duped by the devs! Looking at the keep from the front, to the left and right of the main stairway that ends in that portcullis and six undead, are two smaller stairways. The one on the right is buried under a landslide, but the one on the left ends at an opening that goes under the main stairs, in to the keep and directly to the quest objective. I guess heroes don't get to use the front door, they have to use the service entrance. I am not sure how long I looked around for something I was missing at the barred, main entrance until I found that side one.

    No New Tale to Tell (Bohem Marobodus .. breadcrumb)

    Kain's Command:
    Relics of Another Time (Marshal Kain .. item poke) + Ensuring Their Safety (Ralyn Laurel .. mob bop)

    Auld Warden:
    + Repecting the Dead (Erif Roshal .. mob bop)

    Kain's Command:
    (you didn't get the memo? :^P)
    King of the Tree (Marshal Kain .. mob bop)(up path, jump to shroom, fall down) + Anicent Seedlings (Ralyn Laurel .. item poke)

    The Humanity!:
    King of the Tree: run up the tree, bonk the baddie on the bonce and loot the magic foozle from its warm corpse. What could be hard about that? Well, the devs couldn't make it that easy. You do indeed need to run up the ramp inside the tree. As you go though, mowing down plant creatures (see what I did there?) and naughty Aelfwar, you'll come to the end of the path. The ramp goes up nicely, goes outside the tree, inside a bit, then outside again and then just ... stops. The quest marker on your map will be tantalizingly close, but there will be nowhere left to go, so what gives? Look closely at the wide mushroom cap growing out of the tree at the top of the ramp. Yeah, no, really. You may notice the center is sparkling. If you mouse over it, your cursor will change to an interactable 'hand' and the text description 'a sturdy mushroom' will come up. Okay. So, jump over to it. Once you get there, the sparkles disappear, you can't interact with the mushroom, and there is a massive tower of tree above you. So, should you continue to climb the tree by hopping on mushrooms? No! Walk to the edge of the mushroom facing away from the tree and .. look down. Yep, sparkles. On mouseover you get the 'hand' and 'a sturdy mushroom' again. Yes, you need to now drop down to that mushroom cap below you, and will be face-to-bark with the quest mob. I remember this quest the first time I played it. Oh my, but do I remember it. I have no idea how long I spent trying to @#(*!@ climb up that !($&@ tree.

    Auld Warden:
    + (Erif Roshal .. escort) (not bad, sit in one place and bop a few waves; 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 IIRC.. none arrive until NPC stops walking)

    Rededication (Marshal Kain .. breadcrumb) + One Man's Junk (*Takei voice* oh my..)(Ralyn Laurel .. item poke)

    The Sagespire:
    On The Books (Sasha Nikadon .. item poke/1 question)
    The Open Door (Eminia Andre .. item poke) (annoying .. guaranteed spawn from portals a second or two after getting close enough.. just wait & bop before trying to close) + Tower Defense (Sasha Nikadon .. mob bop)(may as well .. need to bop four no matter what (spawn note above))

    During the quest 'The Open Door' you need to use some kind of magic keychain that, with your super Ascended power, will close the open portals. No worries. While you are doing that, the guards in the area will fight the extra-planar baddies that will be running through the portals. So, I bet you're thinking you can pause a second, wait for the mob hopping out of the portal to focus on the friendly NPCs, run to fight them, and you'll be free to use your uber garage door opener to close the portals, unmolested. No such luck. When you walk up to the portal, about a second to a second and a half after you get close enough to activate the portal popper, a mob will hop out and start smacking you in the altogether, halting your progress. It does not happen immediately, but waits long enough until you would be about halfway through the cast bar to close the portal. This is some serious dev troll. So, it's best to walk up to a portal, wait until a monster pops out, clobber it, and then use the thingy to close it, otherwise you'll just be interrupted .. every .. single .. time.

    A Temporary Solution (Eminia Andre .. item poke, talky, mob bop (Hat Trick!))
    Sealing the Portal (Eminia Andre .. item poke, mob bop )
    Endless Correspondence (Protector Rysilver .. item poke, mob bop) + Scouting the Opposition (Protector Carah .. deadhead)
    Among the Endless (Protector Rysilver .. mob bop, talky) + End the Endless (Protector Carah .. mob bop)
    An Academic Matter (Protector Rysilver .. breadcrumb)
    The Long, Dark Watch (Sasha Nikadon .. talky, breadcrumb)(story)

    Camp Cestus:
    Into the Breach (Sir Isaak Kazimir .. breadcrumb) + An Unhealthy Fetish (*Takei voice* oh my..)(Fadei Bogatyr .. mob bop)

    Shatterbone Hold:
    The Sharp End (Sir Martyn Myrsol .. escort/mob bop) + The Butcher's Bill (Captain Zamora .. mob bop)
    At Any Price(Sir Martyn Myrsol .. item poke, breadcrumb) + Payment in Kind (Captain Zamora .. mob bop)
    You ARE the Reinforcements (Sir Isaak Kazimir, breadcrumb) + Lifesaving Measures (Fadei Bogatyr .. item poke)

    Shatterbone Barricade:
    Obey the Fist! (Dame Levitia Volya .. mob bop) + Local Cures (Medic Loros .. item poke) + Holding the Line (Captain Ledisko .. item poke) + There's Too Many of Them! (Private Mihai .. mob bop)
    (you didn't the memo? :^P)
    The Heart of the Matter (Dame Levitia Volya .. mob bop) + Unnatural Enemies (Captain Ledisko .. mob bop) + Last Supper (Medic Loros .. item poke)

    The manitcores lured by the poisoned corpses can't be attacked .. and you need to kill manticores for the other quest :^P

    Paging Doctor Visek (Dame Levitia Volya .. mob bop)(story)

    Blighted Pit: (during the above)
    A Grisly Fate (Savin Rurik .. mob bop)(oh... why not)
    Slave No Longer (Doctor Visek's Grimoire .. item poke, breadcrumb)(story)

    Camp Cestus:
    The Last Command (Sir Isaak Kazimir .. breadcrumb)(story)(suffix title: Kain's Fist)

    I mean, I know they had more in store for Kain, but at this point you just single-handedly saved all their butts while Kain squatted in his command tent sharpening his sword and practicing looking angry, and all you get is to join his unit? I mean, not an officer, or even a Corporal, I just get to say I'm part of the gang? Gee whiz, what do I get if I save the planet and all your butts twice, a set of steak knives? What about the Captain over there? What did she do, create a private universe in her teapot over the weekend? Yeah ... not feeling it. It is a decent story that runs head first in to a wall because the conclusion to your story is in a different zone, Mario!

    Kain's Command:
    Passing the Chain of Command (Marshal Kain .. breadcrumb)(might as well.... yeah, the leg is done, but ... meh)

    3rd leg: Stillmoor
    Get ready for some grim, dark girmdarkness with a side order of wailing sorrow.

    Story-wise, you come to Stillmoor and find out the senior psychopath and head goth chick by the name of Alsbeth, who was giving Doc Visek his marching orders in Scarwood, has not yet given up. She's still trying to find a host body for Regulos (the smooth and gentle laxative .. when you need to be regular, don't forget; Regulos!), and your favorite Marshal and Scowler Supreme has been acting a bit twitchy ever since he started carrying around some of Aedraxis' remains. Hmmm. It's a mystery .. let's split up, gang!

    As much as SCW was the rising action and triumph, IPP was the foreshadowing and STM is the downfall. It rings hollow, though. I think the reason is that you really don't see Kain all that much. You see him when; you start off in SCW and he's a big, fat jerk, when he starts freaking out in IPP and he's a bigger, fatter jerk, and now, when .. ahem .. 'bad' things happen to him, I wasn't really all that sad about it. I mean, yeah, sure he's one of the good guys, I mean, his nameplate is green and all, but don't think I didn't push a few ability buttons here and there with him targeted. His character is too much of the 'stalwart, uncompromising, perfect soldier' for me to really care. He lacked humanity and pretty much your only interactions with him are him being a big, fat jerk. Dev Note; if you are going to have players interact with a big, powerful ally who is kind of a jerk, let them either see the ally kicking righteous booty, preferably alongside the player, or let the player see them sacrifice, or learn of what they have sacrificed (preferably, both) to be so mega awesome. That way, the hell-on-wheels "you're lucky I'm talking to you" attitude is in some way justified, when the super-duper NPC is talking to what is essentially a godmade vessel for immortal heroes' souls meant to fight a god of death and the last, best hope to save the world.

    Thalin Tor:
    Last Man Standing (Donal Sumptor .. talky?) + Living on the Edge (Nyriel Windspell .. mob bop) + Dirty Job (Miriam Glen .. item poke) + Hand them Over (Alvric Kastion .. mob bop)(story)

    Eye of Regulos:
    + Beholden to the Past (Blessed Shield (item) .. talky) (you'll probably find it while punching vampires and ghosts in the gut)

    Thalin Tor:
    Getting some Shade (Alvric Kastion .. item poke, escort(ish))(story) (escort yourself!)

    Eye of Regulos:
    Ascension of Darkness (Sir Isaak Kazimir .. talky)

    Thalin Tor:
    (you didn't get the memo? :^P)
    Heartburn (Alvric Kastion .. mob bop) + No Protection for the Damned (Dejan Jevric .. item poke) + Seal of Disapproval (Ben Felsted .. mob bop)(story) + Dead End (Ben Felsted .. mob bop)
    Silent as the Grave (Donal Sumptor .. talky)

    Caer Thalos:
    Not Ready to Die (Dame Levitia Volya .. item poke) (timed, but not hard to do, just clear out mobs in the area first)
    Rise and Fall (Dame Levitia Volya .. item poke)

    Thalin Tor:
    Past Is Prologue (Donal Sumptor .. talky)(chains to talk to Tam Daggerbone in Sanctum)
    A Strange Bauble (Sergeant Coda .. talky) (yes, this is sometimes available earlier, but I have read some things that seem to indicate it should be available later... so... I waited until done to pick it up. It is technically the very end of the IPP line)

    Note: You will not get the title immediately! Read that again. You need to wait at least a good 30 to 60 minutes and you will get some mail from Cyril. When you open the reward pack, you'll get an accessory that can teleport you to Sanctum and, the cream of the crop, the cherry on top, a 'Letter from Cyril' item granting you the title. It can help to zone in to Sanctum a few times. I was farming 10 more cloth to finish a recipe and received the mail after I ported in to Sanctum. If that doesn't work, zone in to STM and run over to Thalin Tor a few times and talk/poke the NPCs there and zone over to Sanctum a few times, afterward.

    If you still didn't get it:
    First, go to the inn at the southeastern corner of Sanctum and talk to Sir Guysun Lawless there. He's right next to the NPC that gives out dungeon quests. Apparently there were so many questions about this quest sequence a dev put him there. Guysun will tell you which part of Kain's questline (well, which zone) you haven't finished (as far as the game knows). This is a great first step for troubleshooting.

    Second, check that you did all of the quests above. It is pretty easy to download a quest helper, get the list of quests you finished, and check to see if all the ones I list above are on there. It might take 20 minutes, but it is easiest and fastest thing you can do.

    If that wasn't it:
    Wait. No, really. Wait a good 48 hours. Log in and do stuff, but don't light up support until about two days pass and you didn't get the title. I would say try completing a few other quests in the IPP, SCW and STM areas during that time or run a few Instant/Intrepid/Whatever Adventures (since that requires lots of zoning in and out of places). Still no joy? Then open a ticket.

    How to open a ticket, nicely:
    Take a screenshot of your inventory with the Necrotic Essence (or the other reward from Sergeant Coda) in it, with your mouse on it so the mouseover text can be read.
    Take a screenshot of your inventory with your mouse over the quest reward weapon from Donal Sumptor, with your mouse on it so the mouseover text can be read.
    Take a screenshot of you talking to Sir Guysun Lawless over in Sanctum (in the inn in the southeastern corner), with them responding that indeed, you did everything you needed to (and that NPC will address you as Sir or Dame in the text)
    Take a screenshot of your character panel open to the Titles section on the prefix tab to show you don't have it.

    Write in your message (nicely!) what you were trying to do (get the title), what happened (you completed the questline, got the end rewards, but didn't get the title in the mail), tell them how long you waited (at least 48 hours!) and what you did to try to address it (that you zoned in/out of Sanctum a few times .. waitied .. other things..). Attach the screenshots .. and wait more.

    It took maybe about two weeks or so until support got around to my ticket. They will send you an email letting you know when they get to it and when they address it.

    One day I got the email my ticket was closed, logged on, and boom, had the title.
    In short, make things easy for them, show them that, as far as you can tell, you did 100% what you were supposed to do, and don't be a Kain about it .. I mean, don't be a big, fat jerk about it. Just describe what happened with no muss or fuss; like if you were talking to a cop or a lawyer.

    Happy Sir-ing and Dame-ing!
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