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Thread: 2019 New/Returning player quick guide

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    Default 2019 New/Returning player quick guide

    Rift New/Returning player guide.

    Written at the office so if errors are pointed out or I re-read this I might go back to re-write/fix things. Sorry for any mistakes but too many new players coming into the game right now so had to make this. This guide skims over stuff but mainly PVP, Tok's, Rift's puzzles, achieves, old raids, trade skills, Dimensions etc. Huge parts of the game. So don't forget about those.

    If for some reason you get stuck, use the Help icon on the bottom left hand corner of the screen and then use the stuck command.

    If you need to kill yourself for some reason, use /cast last resort.

    PART 1- Birth Canal Boogie

    Make a character

    Follow the quests to get out of the starting area

    After getting out follow the quests until level 10.

    Talk to the porticulum person and get the quest to earn Soul Recall.

    Use the shop window to sell things without traveling

    Queue into intrepid IAs if you want to level fast. Normal IAs if you want to travel, and just quest I'd you want to take your time leveling. You can use the "." key to pull up the window or use the icons on the bottom left hand of the screen. https://imgur.com/wTvvk4s

    You get solid platinum and items from this. You will get a mark of notoriety sometimes which you can only store 5 of at a time.

    Use these in the store under boosts > notoriety. Spend them on the end game reps like Utilla. Make sure you use one a day on Utilla until you are maxed Rep.

    You can only spend one a day so don't forget.

    Open boxes closer to the end of the level range the box gives them in. Like the first range is 10 to 49. You'd want to open them closer to 49.

    So now you have some points for different builds. Here are the builds I suggest for leveling pre-eternal weapon and also free to play.

    Warrior- paragon
    Rogue- ranger
    Mage - necro
    Cleric - druid

    While leveling in these IAs, it's good to start looking over your souls and abilities and begin working on macros.

    Simple macro explanation and guide:
    type /macro to pull up the macro window.
    click one of the boxes and then you and put in some of your attacks in the macro. Here would be an example of an easy macro for leveling.

    #show Melee attack
    cast melee attack
    cast ranged attack
    cast Healing
    cast break free

    Here's an example of a macro.

    So you can see here, if you are in melee range, the top ability will come out as the top ability has priority. If you are too far away you will cast ranged attack. If you are hindered in some way, Break free will cast. And if you had nothing targeted but hit this macro, the Healing ability would come out.

    After hitting 50, you get to add to Planar Attunement. Which is like an alternate advancement. You will eventually have all 1709 points so don't worry about what you add first. Although, if you do have trouble soloing, going Death for the Vampiric essence ability is a good idea as it makes 10% of your damage heal you.

    Part 2: Teenage Angst

    When you hit 60, you can do the initial quests in the Plane of Water, questing is good exp but it depends on how fast you are in comparison to IAs which depend on the speed of the group. You can do the normal IAs instead of the Intrepid ones to get some carnage quests and exploration exp while leveling. Intrepid gives the most exp per event clear though.

    At 65, go to alittu. Get the free planar essence from the first quest. Pick up the IA weekly.

    Do Celestial IAs and or quest. You want to get the first 30 done for the weekly.

    Upgrade your gear as best you can to the 65+ gear and get rid of all the nightmare tide stuff. Buy a 65+ seal on the auction house. They are very cheap most of the time.

    You should get enough planar defense force rep to buy a level 65+ focus. https://imgur.com/RHnxQbx

    Do that and go to the AH and get some essences in. Buy the essences you can that are at least level 65+. These will boost your stats tremendously.

    Equip any frags you get focusing on higher tier like t1 over t6. Crit power is the most important at first. Cp >main stat > attack/spell power

    If you feel like strengthening one of them, just push them up to level 9. Don't bother going nuts and pushing over 12 or all the way to 15 until you know they are strong. Do not level up tier 6 frags. In a perfect world, you wouldn't level up any frags but tier 1 through tier 3. But sometimes you have to make due with the cards you are dealt.

    The color the frag as when it drops is important too. All fragments increase in quality but the stat roll at the end is different depending on which quality it was when it dropped.

    For example if 2 tier 3 water crit power frag dropped with attack power on it and then you leveled them to 15. One being a blue quality fragment and the other being epic purple. The epic one will have more points into attack power than the blue.

    If you complete the story quest lines in each zone, you will get a Celestial tale daily quest. Which you can do for a weekly reward. This is good to build rep and plat but not required.

    At this point you need to be looking at builds in the forums, or trying to figure out which would fit your play style best.

    After you hit 68, you can start doing quests in VP.

    When you hit 70, go to Alittu then talk to some guy outside. He will start you on your eternal weapon quest by sending to Xarth Mire. Definitely stop what you are doing and do that. Once you have got the weapon to be upgraded, go back to VP.

    VP quests are important for Utilla rep which you need for end game items.

    Part 3: Beginning again

    Once you complete the story quest line, you can pick up the VP quest weeklies and dailies. Have to be level 70 for this.

    Always pick up the Daily raid rift weekly and daily from VP and do them. BIS essences drop from the bosses in these.

    By now you may have run into something that wants you to spend Individual reward charges. Spend these carefully as a new player. In my opinion the only thing worth spending them on as a brand new player, is the DRRs for another chance at an essence.

    You want CP essences here and there are 3 qualities.

    573 581 606 main stat
    The deal is that the lower the main stat the higher the CP in this case.

    So they balance out but at end game you want to arrive around 8500 CP with food buff. So that means that you'd rather have the 606 main stat or maybe even one without CP. But at first get what you can and save up to upgrade them.

    Ok so now your 70 and have the first tier eternal weapon and also can do DRRs. Now you need to try to get the Chrondritic helmet and ranged item. These level up and are best in slot. Just like your eternal weapon. You want to level up the helm first between the helm or ranged weapon. The first upgrade allows the helm to count as a piece of set gear for your synergy crystal.

    These are crafted by players. So you can either gather the materials or join a guild and see if they will help you out.

    Before doing dungeons you want to get to your 3rd weapon upgrade. Which requires you to do 25 expert dungeon clears.

    Weapon upgrade notes.
    The 2nd weapon upgrade requires you to do 40 zone event bosses and 400 invasion mobs. Both of which have to grant experience.

    To do the invasion monsters easily, you have a lot of options but this is what I do.

    First I will look on Yaret. This website shows all rift events going on.

    If you see there is a Xarth cracking skull event going on, go there. Get in a raid group and be careful. Eventually the event will get to a part where you have to defend some cannons while they charge up. This has a ton of invasions spawn and need to be killed.

    A 2nd option is to go to Planetouched wilds, the towns there like Jad and Kora have planar forts that can be upgraded which spawn rift invasions. If you upgrade all the side turrets and things around the forts, it makes more invasions spawn. Assuming you did this before the fort. So to start out, you could just upgrade the fort and see how strong they are for you.

    To do zone event bosses you have 3 solid options, first check yaret. https://rift.events/na/en_US.html
    If there is a VP event teleport to the northern port and run out down the path to a hill. There is usually a few people waiting there. This is called leech hill. As the boss spawns there everytime and all you need to do is tag it. In order for this boss to down all the forts must be captured. So that's why the hill is called leech hill.

    The next option is to check lower level zones like silver wood and the like for bloodfire behemoth events. You need to mentor down to level 22 or so and then find and kill him. To mentor down, right click your portrait.

    The 3rd option is to go to tyrants throne, from nightmare tide. There is a zone event that will spawn when 12+ people are out there called leviathan. When the boss comes, if he lives long enough, he will summon 3 sets of reflections. These count as zone event bosses. Giving you a total of 7 per event.

    Completing this step and then the following will make you get to the 25 dungeon part of your quest.

    Here are some consumables to help you in your dungeon runs or at least ease the transition from solo pve to dungeons. Which can be rough, as you are teaming with people that may be very strong or very weak.

    Important Consumables

    Weapon stones like this one https://imgur.com/FcRzkgY

    Insoles like this https://imgur.com/KYcHqgi

    Food, like Gedlo Curry.

    Healing potions



    At the very least, put vampiric essence on your weapon from the planar abilities.

    If you are in a guild these guild service abilities are worth getting. Specifically the rally scroll. With that people can use the Guild rally ability and then you use your scroll to teleport to their location.

    Call of the ascended is an important guild ability that resurrects your entire raid/group.

    Once you have these and at least 2000 hit, you can queue for dungeons.

    You want to have a strong mobile build you can use for these as some players will rush through it or you may be teamed up with other new players and the dungeon take awhile.

    Download these addons. Rift meter, fragrecycle and king boss mods. Links are at the end of this guide.

    Rift meter is the damage meter of the game.

    King boss mods guides you through fights and adds a UI for ready checks.

    Fragrecycle helps deal with the tons of fragments you get.

    Once you feel strong enough and have your frags at least to level 9, then queue into dungeons.

    You want to queue into prophecy of ankhet expert dungeons and not the Challenge dungeon EoA.


    EoA is difficult but even harder with newer players in fresh gear.

    Queue times are pretty quick sometimes but they are really quick if you can heal or tank.

    Support is an option but not many groups use a full support in dungeons bc the fights are too quick.

    Being able to tank or heal is helpful. In general, it's just great to be able to handle any role. You want to be as valuable as you can in dungeons.

    Be aware in a dungeon. Some groups prefer to skip a lot of mobs by running around or jumping up things. This is to save time. If you get stuck or cant make it ask if someone has a summon. Don't get discouraged over this.

    There are four dungeons at 70.

    Here they are in order of difficulty.

    Easiest. Intrepid darkening deeps.

    Medium. Intrepid Gyels fortress and Coven

    Hardest. Ahnket

    Very few, if any, of the bosses in these are purely dps fights without mechanics. Each have some unique mechanic to them. So you need to pay attention to what the group does.

    Particular fights to pay attention are.

    Gyel- first, makes you run around him in a circle to avoid burning, and second boss, you need to watch your feet.

    Coven- Hollow wood, kill the green guys by the hive, kill hive, kill blacks when there is no greens or hives to be killed. Witch, kill bear and interrupt fungal, then witch is available to be hit, blow CDs kill witch.

    Ahnket - first boss, be behind boss, dont get hit by purple. Tower, IMPORTANT, turn on the option Hide other's hit effects, dodge fire, use bombs on tower, kill boss. Third, kill guys shield, thingie, then him. Keep him in the middle where the purple will touch him to weaken him. Fifth boss, kill dragon, then someone draw attention to add while interrupting. Kill crystal that spawns asap. Then kill add.

    Do not use IRC on these dungeons if you run them again In the same day. As with most IRC you get the first loot free once a day.

    Now that you are doing dungeons, you need to buy a syngery crystal with your celestial remnants so do that. https://imgur.com/gdSOGQB Synergy crystal image.

    DO NOT SPEND TOWER FRAGS ON GEAR. Save your frags for the planar fragment coffers. You will need them. Particularly for the Death frags which are in the Mage's planar coffers.

    There are 3 coffers to choose from but depending what tier the frag is decides which is best to buy. It's strange and you will see why. So for the death frag which is t1 Crit power, you need to buy either the 1000 tower frag coffer or the 750 coffer. These both randomly drop a T1 death frag but its totally up to the random number generator. From what I can tell, the difference of spending the 1k compared to 750 is not worth the price difference. So I purchase the 750 boxes, as do many others.

    The dungeons will give you gear for your syngery crystal and random high tier frags. Like tier 5-6.

    Part 4: ******** at the old folks home

    Tdez/qf 2000 hit
    These are the first two raids and are pretty fun and not too difficult. You can do these as much as you want but have to use IRC for major rewards. You will see people often running tons of TDEZs and the reason why is for the Intel. Intel is used on the high level gear from Utilla. TDEZ will sometimes give you an upgrade part for tier 1 upgrades. The frags that drop here are tier 3-4. I believe. I commonly get t3 Water Crit Power frags. You need these.

    QF provides random essences and marks that you can use to buy a seal.

    Tdnm/irotp- 2200 hit
    TDNM is much harder than TDEZ. So you want to be prepared for it if you go in. Many people just go in to do these mini bosses in the front of the zone which drop rings and frags. Then the first boss, beligosh, who drops capes, 1hders, offhands. Warriors want this 1hd to use with their Eternal for certain builds.

    Irotp is easier than TDNM and required to level up your eternal weapon. It drops various T1 pieces of gear and also Tier 2-3 frags. Most importantly t2 Fire CP frags. You really need these as well.

    BOS- 2400 hit
    BOS is the hardest of the current raid zones. Drops legion datagrams and t2 pieces of gear.
    Always choose datagrams as your weekly reward until you dont need the gear from them any more and at least 5k datagrams with 5k being spent on a storm cell that week. At that point, go back to tower frags.

    EOA is a new challenge dungeon added and it is harder.
    In my opinion the easiest setup for a group of new players would be,
    ST heals
    Rest dps.

    It drops gear that sometimes will have a rune on it. You can use a rune un-sockter to pull these off and they are valuable. Among the most valuable items in the game. These runes are better than what can be crafted and can go on slots not normally found on the crafted ones.

    Zone events-

    Xarth's skull.
    You want to be on the look out for Xarth's skull. As it provides a ZE boss kill and a lot of invasions. This has a weekly attached too it and possibly the most important zone event.

    VP zone event.
    This spawns these forts that have to be taken down then you can kill the boss. If you need the ZE boss kills, you can wait on the "Leech hill", but you may be trained so be forewarned. If you don't need the ZE boss kills but want rewards, kill a fort.

    Leviathan zone event.
    Tyrants Throne zone event. This is important for those seeking ZE boss kills. As it spawns more than one ZE boss.

    Rex is an item that gives you credits in game. They sell for around 4k plat in game. You can do many things for plat. Celestial tale dailies, chronicles, dungeons or IAs. Save your plat for that first rex if you dont want to spend alittle bit on the game yet. Once you get loyalty from the rex, or spend atleast 5-10$ you will be able to list items on the Auction house.

    VIP spending- What do I spend on?

    Platinum- The first 1k plat is probably best used to buy the 1k mount 150% speed on the Rift store.
    Buy 1 rex at first or only use plat to upgrade items. After that just use plat for fragment upgrades or Rex. Maybe buy something rare someone is selling.

    Planarite- Buy Celestial Attuners under the crafting section. https://imgur.com/pFTkr6G

    Celestial remnants- Buy Synergy crystal and your focus.

    Tower frags- Spend only on coffers. Specifically the 750 Mage coffer for the CP T1 Death Frag.

    QF marks- Spend on seal.

    Intel- Spend on the gear there. Preferably the accessories first.

    T1 currency- Spend on t1 stuff.

    T2 Datagrams- spend on gear but then only buy cells. Which can only be bought once a week.


    Event finder

    Datamining news site.

    Image of what is contained in the coffers for planar fragments.

    Plat guide-

    Achieve guide site

    Spreadsheet with top dps/hps numbers and builds. Just a ton of data, possibly most valuable resource for end game raiders in rift.

    ADD ONS that I use personally.

    KBM- http://forums.riftgame.com/technical...dated-kbm.html

    Riftmeter- http://forums.riftgame.com/technical...ter-4-3-a.html

    Fragrecycle- http://forums.riftgame.com/technical...agrecycle.html

    Probably some others im forgetting.

    My previous guides:





    Thanks for reading this and playing Rift.

    Cowboys From Hell, guild on Deepwood.
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