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Thread: Queens of Suns quest in vostigar

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    Default Queens of Suns quest in vostigar

    First off was looking for a forum based on questing gameplay but none exists so i'll stick this into "strategies" instead

    anyway decided to try some questing while i was getting dinner ready, came up to "The Queen of Suns" quest. Go i go to the spot, i see the huge chunk of guys im meant to fight, like 15, all at once with an elite as well and so i start doing what i can, kill some pull back to avoid getting stomped into the floor move back in and resume but.. they just keep coming and coming and coming. Im supposed to kill some storm legion raiding team but it respawns faster than i can kill and even on the one time where i managed to move behind them and kill them all before they did respawn.. nothing,i stopped there and suddenly the entire chunk of mobs respawned and immediately piled onto me.

    I ultimately spent nearly 40 minutes killing and rekilling the exact same mobs and.. they just kept respawning untill i simply exited the game because, well my food is cold now, its been that long..

    How do i do this quest?????!???
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    Hmm, was there maybe a Zone Event going on? from memory the spawn point of that quest, up on a small hill, is very close to where an enemy fort would spawn during certain Events?

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