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Thread: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum

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    Default A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-plat-1.png

    - This is written by Paragonfury but he can't post it into forums, hope you enjoy!

    Welcome to my guide on making money in Rift. This guide will cover both direct and indirect methods of generating platinum that do not break the ToS. Direct methods generate platinum, either through drops or vendoring items. Indirect methods rely on other players, generally require the ability to sell on the auction house (requires 1500 loyalty, which is $5 worth of credits or a single REX), and are more volatile.

    A note in advance: there isn’t a fast track to easy wealth in Rift. This isn’t a guide for that. Unless you have a unique skill and the ability to sell it, there is no way to legitimately make hundreds of thousands in a month.

    Many of the methods covered in this guide require you to be level 70 (max level) and can handle open world content by yourself. A decent (150%+) mount is also a must. Patron is also extremely helpful.




    Rare mobs in Vostigar Peaks, the new zone introduced with patch 4.2, are an excellent daily source of platinum, captured intel, and mid-end fragments. Each rare will drop roughly 5 to 9 platinum, 12-20 Captured Intel, and a planar fragment, cores, and/or source fuel in your rift loot bag. There will be 3-5, occasionally 6 rare mobs up on any shard at any given time. They will be indicated with an icon on your minimap and larger map if you’ve yet to kill that specific rare for the day. Additional kills will require an individual reward charge for loot (generally not worth it, unless you have nothing to spend them on). To view rare icons after your first kills, you can use an alt that has explored Vostigar Peaks.

    Rares respawn on a 30 second to 1 minute timer, and rotate every 2 hours. As there are 36 rares, this adds up to a decent chunk of platinum every day.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-rare-sign.jpg

    Rares come in two levels of difficult. The first has approximately 3.4 million HP, while the second has around 9.8 million HP. Both should yield no challenge to even expert geared players with decent DPS specs. To speed things up, you can also bring a friend. Multiple people can get credit if they damage the rare, debuff it, or heal a player attacking it (anything that generates aggro).

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-darkdaemon-reaver.jpg

    Begin on one shard, clear the available rares on it, and then repeat for the next, until you’ve cleared all 7. This will generally clear 2/3rds of the 36 rares available. If you want to be more thorough or have more time, repeat this again later in the day. Use a spreadsheet like this if you want to be thorough. Expect roughly 200 platinum from rares every day if you kill all of them.

    Raid Rifts

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-darkdaemon-rrs.jpg

    Patch 4.2 also brought raid rifts back to max level gameplay in Rift. There are three types of raid rifts in Vostigar Peaks (the Iron Legion, Decay of Ahnket and Egg of Destruction), and they are the only source of BiS greater and lesser essences. They are also a major source of Captured Intel, mid/low end planar fragments, and decent amounts of platinum. Raid rift dailies and weeklies are available in East Uttila. Dailies require you to close one of the three raid rifts, while the weekly requires you to complete 2 of each. Lures cost 200 Captured Intel and 30k planarite, and can be purchased from the Uttila Quartermaster in East Uttila. I highly recommend putting them in your wishlist so you can buy them from the Rift Store as well.
    Raid rifts award personal loot (in your rift loot bag) on completion of stage 3 and 5. The first completion for each type of raid rift each day is free, while subsequent completions cost an individual reward charge. Doing all 3 raid rifts each day will generally give you around 50 platinum, 150 intel, a few fragments, and a chance at some essences.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-random-text.jpg

    Groups will generally run 20 raid rifts (where each member brings a lure, most popularly Iron Legion), or just one of each of the three. Expect to spend approximately 34 charges and spend 40 minutes to 2 hours on full 20 raid rift groups, and earn around a thousand Captured Intel, perhaps 300 platinum, many fragments and a few essences if you’re lucky.
    To find a raid rift group, look in the Crossevents channel. Many larger guilds will also have groups run one of each of the three. Do not bother doing a raid rift if you find one in open world without a group. They only award loot to the opener’s group.

    Consider doing the daily 3 raid rifts on your main, while grinding 20 raid rifts on a throwaway level 65 alt (preferably the same calling) to conserve charges. Sidekick up to deal acceptable levels of damage. Essences, fragments and items bought with intel can be transferred to your main.


    Although they no longer grant experience, crafting dailies still generate a small but regular amount of platinum. The most profitable tend to be the gathering professions (fishing, butchering (12 starhide leather or 1 infused starhide), foraging (6 processed materials) and mining (6 processed materials), following by survival, runecrafting, outfitter and dreamweaver. Apothocary, weaponsmith, armorsmith and artificer tend to be more expensive.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-crafting-daily.jpg

    Regular and good use of minion missions should cover most of the material costs of your crafting dailies. If you have limited profession slots, prioritize getting the gathering professions on your main character for access to those dailies.

    Crafting amenders can also be a small source of income. As amenders have a 20 hour cooldown in this expansion, the auction house price of amenders with heavy demand often greatly exceed the cost of materials. The most profitable amender to craft is generally the ornament amender (artificer), as it’s used for both caster ranged weapons and accessories for all callings. Textile (outfitter) and metal (armorsmith) amenders also tend to have decent demand, as large numbers are required to upgrade most higher tiered gear.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-ornament-amender.jpg

    Vostigar Peak Dailies

    The dailies offered by various scout NPCs in Vostigar Peaks are also reliable sources of platinum. Each day, there is a meta-daily in East Uttila that directs you to a scout somewhere in northern Vostigar Peaks. This scout then offers you 5 other dailies. As these dailies are the main source of Uttila notoriety and a good source of both Captured intel and platinum, I highly recommend you do them. There is also a weekly that requires completion of 5 sets of these dailies, and awards a larger amount of captured intel and notoriety.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-daily-npc.jpg

    If you do not turn in the meta-daily in East Uttila, you may complete the 5 dailies in that area again the next day. Abandoning the meta-daily will allow you to pick up a new meta-daily, and 5 more dailies. This will allow you to complete 4 more dailies than usual at the cost of neglecting progress on your weekly quest. Up to 10 completed dailies can be stockpiled in your rewards section, to be saved for use with a notoriety vial or token tablet.
    Expect roughly 100p each day from these dailies if you use this method, including the raid rift daily.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-daily-quest.jpg

    Instanced Quest Dailies

    Completion of the storylines of each zone in the Celestial Lands will unlock 4 dailies for each zone, closing 2 rifts, killing 20 rift invasions at a wardstone, a randomized daily and an instanced mini-chronicle like daily that replays the final encounter of the storyline. These mini-chronicles can be highly lucrative, awarding a bit over 20 platinum each and taking relatively little time for a total of 80+ platinum every day.



    Old NMT and SL chronicles are some of the fastest conventional platinum generation methods available in Rift. Although their yields are low compared to the daily quests we have available in this expansion, our higher stats allow for a much faster clear speed than in past expansions. For best results, you need an alt account with a level 65+ alt. If you don’t have access to one, your plat/hour will be much lower and you will need to queue with a friend.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-chronicle.jpg

    The most effective way of making money through chronicles is by speed clearing Rhen of Fate while partied with an alt account. Complete your initial clear through the random queue option. Random chronicle charges give a nice amount of bonus platinum. Then lock yourself to the other chronicles by killing a few mobs or completing the first objective. This will allow you to re-do Rhen of Fate through the random queue. If a chronicle other than Rhen of Fate appears, ignore it and requeue. As there’s no cooldown or debuff and very little delay, this shouldn’t take long.


    Be in your best speed run spec (whatever has the best burst, run speed and preferably a combat drop), parking your alt at the entrance. Ensure that you pick up and complete the dailies. Have insoles and your patron artifact tracker on (and ideally the coin trinket and token armor too), and make sure you have a decent amount of room in your inventory for vendor drops. Give your alt lead (right click the alt’s portrait). Rhen of Fate artifacts can sell for decent prices, with blues going for upwards of 500 p depending on your shard. They respawn with every new instance.

    Prioritize speed over difficult to pick up artifacts or quest objectives. Loot every mob, try to clear trash, and try to burst bosses down as fast as you can. Use the hard mode red orbs. This awards a quest completion and more platinum. Ideally, you don’t stop moving except to pick up loot from the chests. After finishing off Finric, move your alt through the instance and loot. As you do this, enter the chronicle random queue. You should get Rhen of Fate to pop again after several tries.

    Ideal specs for this including Tempest for warriors, Nightblade for rogues, Harbinger for mages and Shaman for clerics. With practice and good DPS, you should be able to clear the instance in 3 minutes and finish looting and requeuing in 4 (if you don’t pick up artifacts). Aim for 5 minutes or less a run including artifacts, and 11+ an hour. At 50p+ per character for the first run through (including vendoring gear), and 40p for subsequent run throughs, this can easily yield over a thousand plat an hour. Blue artifacts can significantly contribute to this, and can be a very good way to use your neglected patron artifact tracker vial.

    The other chronicles can also be reliable daily sources of platinum. The best ones are Infernal Dawn: Laethys and Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath. Complete their daily quests (with an alt there too) and clear them as fast as you can.


    There are several ways of generating platinum directly through crafting without the use of dailies. The first method requires butchering, outfitter and runecrafting. The second requires large stockpiles of Dust of the Void and Nightmare Tide recipes.

    First, Glyph of Dust vendors for 2 gold a piece, and crafts in batches of 10. Each craft costs an essence of carmot (48 silver from the rift store or vendor), one kinetic arc, and 2 flickering powder. Kinetic arc and flickering powder can be cheaply bought from the auction house, or better yet, salvaging through runebreaking your own crafted items.

    This is where outfitter and butchering come in. Farm thick hide from beast type mobs in the droughtlands and moonshade highlands (level 35-40). Turn thick hide into thick leather with the twenty thick leather recipe. Craft thick leather boots, which only require 2 thick leather. Runebreak those boots, which should yield kinetic arc and flickering powder. Supplement your thick hide supply through the auction house.

    After crafting and breaking a sufficient number of boots and obtaining a good supply of kinetic arcs and flickering powder, stock up on essence of carmot and craft dust. Ensure you have free inventory space for the thousands of glyphs of dusts you’ll craft. Vendoring the glyphs of dust should yield several hundred platinum an hour with very little effort during crafting.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-glyph-dust.jpg

    A second method of generating platinum through crafting is through Nightmare Tide amenders. As their material costs have become very low due to large stockpiles and no demand, amenders often vendor for more than their cost of crafting. You typically generate platinum if you can find a source of Dust of the Void at below 40 gold a piece.



    The gathering professions remain excellent ways of indirectly generating wealth. Make sure you have a foraging or mining rune on your shoulders to maximize yields. The best place to forage and mine appears to currently be Vostigar Peaks. Stay away from the tail of the comet (North end), where nodes are often below ground. Atramentium ore and Faecap mushrooms are more valuable than Xarth tendrils or Bolidium ore. Fishing can also generate some platinum. Although white rarity fish from the Celestial Lands sell for very little, there are other ways to make platinum with fishing.

    First, green rarity fish from Nightmare Tide remain expensive due to constant demand from players with Uncle Stan’s Secret Lure, which requires 12 of each. Craft Skygrazer Manta and Oorl Remora lures with Merpho and Zirthan Dreamleech, and use those to fish exclusively Manta and Remora. Additionally, Merpho and Dreamleech are used in crafting dreamweaving dimension items, and a Summerfest quest, and so may also sell for quite a bit.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Making Platinum-merpho.jpg

    Overall, expect to catch roughly 240 fish an hour and earn a similar amount of platinum, or more if you use lures.

    Uncle Stan’s Secret Lure can also be lucrative. Although it has an 8 hour cooldown and costs 20p+ to craft, some of the dimension items you can fish sell for hundreds of platinum on the auction house. It’s a small gamble, but the rarer relic items and the Kingfisher mount are very valuable and you will on average, make a profit.

    Finally, Scoria Fish from lava in Ashenfell can also be a good source of platinum. To obtain Scoria, fish in the central, large pool in the middle of Ashenfell. Avoid mobs by standing on one of the middle platforms. Scoria are caught roughly a third of the time (with a potentially higher rate from a Celestial Fishing Rune). You otherwise fish valueless grey items. Scoria is used in the final portions of Tok’s Proving Grounds, a puzzle dungeon. Roughly 17k fish is required to craft all 6 sets of wardrobe armor from Tok, and so people attempting to complete the puzzle often pay a decent amount for Scoria. Expect to get 2 to 4 platinum per Scoria.

    If you have extra tok tokens, or a friend with tok tokens, you can also buy Scoria Fish lures. These cost 300 tokens, last 20 minutes before PA, and will give you a 100% rate for catching Scoria.

    Crafting Rifts

    One of the best ways of generating platinum from crafting materials is through grinding Crafting Rifts on an alt. As lures are bound to account, and you can sidekick your level 65 up to 70, crifts are an efficient and lucrative way of using up excess individual reward charges on your old throwaway alts.

    Do the max level crafting rift weekly found in Allitu. The cheapest one is typically runecrafter. Pick the water (or earth) lure. It’s the fastest and the element of the lure doesn’t affect drops. Mail the lure to the alt you want to do crifts on.

    Crift groups occur frequency during peak hours and are often advertised in crossevents. Beware group droppers and warn your group if you see any. As crafting rifts count as major rifts, they typically always yield a chondritic dust. This alone is worth over 4 platinum. With a fast group and decent luck, you can expect to earn upwards of close to a thousand platinum an hour in materials, which you can then mail back to your main for crafting or selling.
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    Thanks for the guide!

    Is there supposed to be a daily limit for the chronicles? When I try to do another run of the same chronicle, all the mobs have been cleared and It says "reset at 4pm" for the chronicles that I've finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by needfundsty View Post
    Thanks for the guide!

    Is there supposed to be a daily limit for the chronicles? When I try to do another run of the same chronicle, all the mobs have been cleared and It says "reset at 4pm" for the chronicles that I've finished.
    Random Queue, clear the first trash of the other chronicles so you're locked to the instances then keep clicking random queue till you get Rhen of Fate
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maltie View Post
    Random Queue, clear the first trash of the other chronicles so you're locked to the instances then keep clicking random queue till you get Rhen of Fate
    Hmm I'm not understanding this part. What is the purpose in being locked to the instances? Even after being locked to the other chronicles, I still kept getting the same 2 chronicles popping up no matter how many times I try to re-queue (River of Souls and Greenscale's Blight)

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    A good way I found if you have a good group is farming TD minis, ~10-15plats per kill. With good dps its every 4-5min

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    When you enter an instance, that instance gets a number. Your run for that instance is then locked to that instance number and the results you have achieved in that numbered instance.

    Entering through the random creates a new (temporary) instance number for that run.

    For the regular 'enter' buttons next to the chron names.. they give the lock if you kill stuff inside and they reset at the reset timer.
    So locking yourself to them means they will have a numbered instance attached to your char and should then no longer be available through the random option.

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