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Thread: Perplexing Puzzle Pieces achievement complete guide

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    Thanks for the guide, forbiddenlake, and everyone who shared info in the other thread.!

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbarya View Post
    hey, what is the reward or drop from all map puzzle?can some1 show a pic?thanks
    With this achievement, you get the suffix title "Still Perplexed."

    For the kobold statue in Saint Taranis, I had a much easier time hopping up the skull "stairs" behind Cyril and Veist NPCs, then continuing up the tusk and hopping up (the rest of the original guide). So basically there are a few different ways of doing this and some others. I'm amazed how people find all of these things without initial help, though. Lots of pro explorers out there...

    Perplexing Puzzle Pieces achievement complete guide-2017-01-21_140627.jpg
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