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Thread: Artifact Spawn Rates

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    Smile Artifact Spawn Rates

    Hello... I am really, really sorry if this is a repost, however, I have been playing for several years, and I've been lurking the forums with no answer that I can see.

    Does anyone know about how often certain artifact nodes spawn?

    I've noticed, in Shal Korva (PTW), artifacts seem to spawn daily as they are common nodes, dropping Common, Uncommon, and Rare quality artifacts, and maybe an occasional Uncommon, Rare, or Epic quality artifact in a rare node.

    In certain places I have found a definite location that may contain up to 3 or 4 rare nodes, that will drop artifacts of Uncommon or better quality from Normal, Twisted, Poison, Burning, and Nightmare, and will of course as a rare node, never drop common artifacts. The real question, however, is how often do these nodes spawn artifacts? Sometimes I will see them one day later, others two days later, and maybe sometimes three. If I go back to the same spot, there may be one or two after doing the general cleanout of the area. So it makes me wonder, are they on RNG timers? Are they on normal timers? Does anyone have any information or knowledge of this?

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but afaik there are a certain number of artifacts in that zone. Once you pick one up another one will spawn at a random location. So in order to make the rare spots spawn you would have to collect the common spawns as well.
    The number of rare spots is about 20% of the total spots.
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