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Thread: Cleric Guide - Chaplain Build

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    Default Cleric Guide - Chaplain Build

    Basic run down:
    This guide is for the build competition of May 13, 2016
    Single Target DPS build using primarily the Runeshaper soul

    Bare numbers:
    Oracle 16, Runeshaper 51, Inquisitor 9

    This is a cleric build that plays very much like a pyromancer; but with better buffs and more survivability while soloing.

    What to do/What not to do:
    -Maintain your long term buffs. Simple and obvious, but needs to be said.

    -You will almost always open with Runstrike; or if you want to throw a salvo at the mob and quickly burn it to the ground, start with Runelord's Inscription and spam Runstrike. The only down side to this approach is the two minute cooldown, so you probably won't be able to do this for every mob.

    -Watch your procs! This is where the majority of your dps will come from!

    -Use Seal of Vulnerability on elite mobs/bosses! It kicks in an extra 5% damage from Runestrike, Rune of Castigation, and Rune of Smiting

    - With Ensured Vulnerability, your Seal of Enhancement becomes a purge with an instant cast and no cool down. Be aware of this.

    - Don't bother with using Seal of Vulnerability on trash mobs. Yes, it is highly useful, but it will slow your rotation down.

    - Runefall is a mediocre AoE at best, and it has a limit of 5 mobs; do not rely on it.

    - Do not engage large groups. You should consistently take on groups of 2 - 3; but even though you are a chain wearing cleric, any more than 3 will become problematic.

    Useful Macros:

    This is a bunch of instant casts with cool downs that I have in action bar 1, slot 1; the last (Emblem of Ice) being a true instant.

    #show Inscribe Fate
    cast Sanction Heretic
    cast Inscribe Fate
    cast Rune of Travail
    cast Emblem of Ice

    This is my Runefall Macro that I have in my Action bar 1, slot -

    #show Runefall
    cast @gtae Runefall

    I hope this helps some folks; I know I love it

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    where's the link for this build? I tried to look but I didn't see anything ...
    -> Morrewin@faeblight lvl67 -> Christinuum@wolfsbane
    -> Anywho@faeblight lvl70 -> Lyie@hailol
    -> Seagrams@hailol lvl65 -> Gaviil@hailol
    -> Chrisss@greybriar lvl69

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