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Thread: Plane of Water Summerfest Guide

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    Default Phase 2 Scavenger Hunts

    Goboro Reef: There's quest markers for each step of this one. It starts at /setwaypoint 4352, 8338 on top of the coral. He'll send you to the Temple of Ranri /setwaypoint 3980, 7887 where you'll meet Mitch in a cage. Mitch gives his own quest to collect mats for the puppets. You'll then have to kill Jellies in the marked locations in the Blackwater Forest to the east, obtain the 40 stack of both crafted mats through whatever means (crafting/AH/minions/etc.) and buy the Inelastic Thread for 1p (under Reagents in the Rift store). Turn that into Mitch and he'll then send you back to the starting point to complete it fully.

    Draumheim: Starts at /setwaypoint 5975, 5997 on the upper platform. Simply fall out of the sea over the zone to reach there. You can then find the Captain and his crew in the sea above the zone on the shipwreck here /setwaypoint 5471, 6969.

    Tarken Glacier: Starts on top of Mount Sharax at /setwaypoint 4827, 1850. All you have to do is sled down the hill and follow the path laid out by the red orbs. Be careful as you get closer to the bottom as the sled "physics" are a bit wonky and can send you flying off the path and over a cliff. The quest will complete when you hit the last checkpoint.

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    Default Plane of Water Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

    Post is not relevant. Would like to delete.
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    Thanks for adding Phase 2 Sedvick, I hadn't gotten around to it myself yet
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    Thumbs up thank you :)

    That was wonderful info.

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    Video version of the 2nd scavenger hunt came be found here

    Part 2 of POW Scavenger
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    Default stay frosty west waypoint

    someone else on wolfsbane shared another waypoint for Stay Frosty

    /setwaypoint 4827, 1850
    so if it isn't at /setwaypoint 5856, 2564 try there instead

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    Default Captain Dagon

    Anyone have an idea on an approximate respawn rate of Captain Dagon and his crew? I've been to three separate locations and shard hopped all of them, he's nowhere to be seen.

    EDIT: Finally got him, took a long time of waiting and shard hopping though~
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    Wonderful. Got the PoW done for this year . Now only SL zones left, but I'll do that.. after today. At this rate I'm not going to get Bug Juice (the only remaining main Summerfest Achievement - though I also need the swimsuits and more party baskets), but that can be next year's goal

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    Default Captain Dagon

    Shard Exchange

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    TY for the guide.

    Note--Also found Capt. Dagon @ /setwaypoint 6193, 4897 , he was not on any shard at the /setwaypoint 5471, 6969 location when I went looking on my alt, but was there on my main. Again thanks.
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    Default Captain's Fan Club

    Also found the party on a boat at /setwaypoint 6130,7180

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    Hidden party can be found at 6397, 7224
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