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    Default Guide to Guide Forums

    Welcome to the guide forums. This is a place for new or current players to come and find guides written by the community for various topics from PvP to top raiding builds. If you have questions or concerns about a guide feel free to reply to the topic, guides can only be improved with constructive feedback.

    This is not a place for:
    • Looking For Guide posts. If you want help finding a guide or want to request someone write a guide, post in the appropriate discussion forum. (Tip: for finding guides you can use a google query such as "site:forums.riftgame.com 61 Warlock") Otherwise these posts clutter up the forum making guides more difficult to find.
    • Incomplete or experimental guides. Guides are expected to be the result of thorough research and experience, do not post a build you think looks cool but haven't tried. Try the class discussion forum.
    • Questions about the game. If your questions are relevant to a specific guide post them in reply to that topic. Otherwise please post in the relevant discussion forum.

    When writing guides keep these guidelines in mind:
    • Expect criticism. People want the guide section to be helpful to those that visit it so they will point out flaws in the guide and they will be critical toward guides that purport to be something they are not. Make sure you are clear in specifying your guide's purpose near the beginning of the guide, and be thorough. Do not say "top DPS" in the title unless you are prepared to back up that claim.
    • For class build guides, make sure to include the purpose and target audience of the build, and explain how to use it for its intended purpose.

    Please note that old guides have not been cleaned up and many are outdated. Check the date of the original post and if it is from before Storm Legion (November 2012) it is probably not relevant. For specific builds in the class forums they may also be out of date if they are from an older patch, check the last edit date of the guide and ask in the thread if you are not sure.

    Thank you to all of the guide writers that help us find our way in Rift.
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