Hello Telarans Shotts@Seastone here.

I just want to outline the next few weekends for some events that we will be having over the course of the month May.

A few ideas right now;
1. To continue the low level pvp event as that was a huge success with great feedback from both pvp and pve players

2. 3-Team Team Deathmatch Black Garden Conquest. This is a custom Black Garden dimension with edited spawns, elevators, and a floating structure in the sky. Ideal team sizes would be 15v15v15. 1 Tank, 3/4 Healers and 1-2 support. Your roles will be assigned and made before the match starts and you will be forced to stay on this role until the next match.

3. Battle for Meridan/Sanctum. World PVP event. Each faction selects one player to represent the faction as the king or queen mentored to 65. While all other players are mentored to 55 or 60 ( will decided later after testing. ) Everyone would be limited to T1 World or Favor weapons only. No gear/frags allowed.

I will be voting in the pvp discord for which dates for what works for everyone.


Happy hunting Shotts@Seastone