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Thread: *Love Letters*

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    I think the problem here, is that people are holding back.

    Its ok everyone. Tell us your true feelings. Damadafak (?) was close, but...I could tell they were holding back. Get in a circle, open your hearts, let out a deep breath, and say what you really feel. It will set you free.

    Runs over to Elariok. “OMG Riok, have you seen this thread!”
    Elariok:“Whose Riok?”
    “You...it’s the nickname I gave you.”
    Elariok: “Ahem, well, I’ll assign it to someone just as soon as we are freed up from investigating the chat banning issue.”
    “Oh great thanks so sooo much Riok.”Runs to grab some popcorn.
    Elariok: Leaning over in his swivel chair, pausing Trove. “Coffeeboy, whats the status of that chat ban thing they kept bothering me about on discord?”
    Coffeeboy: “The players solved it before we could sir.”
    Elariok: Nodding several times. “Good...good. So that means our one, highest priority slot is now open?”
    Coffeeboy: “Yes sir.”
    Elariok: “Im assigning this to you. Check out this thread, immediately. Investigate it. I want to know everything, and I do mean everything. This stinks of Drama, and we all know here at Gamigo-all two of us-That I love drama. After all, I was second pick for playing Corky in our High Schools play about Life Goes On.” Lifting his arm Riok shakes his fist at the ceiling which is leaking slowly since maintenance was laid off due to budget cuts. “Damn you Peter Swanson! Damn you for having Downs Syndrome!”
    Coffeeboy: “But...sir. I have to make your morning coffee still. Do you want me to start now, or...”
    Elariok: looks up at the dripping ceiling, then down to his mug. Lifting it up he takes the last sip.”I did say it was high priority, did I not?”
    Coffeeboy: “Sir, yes you did.”
    Elariok: “And did you take care of the bugs yet?”
    Coffeeboy: “Sir yes I did. I bought some Raid and ant poison.”
    Elariok: “The balancing issues?”
    Coffeeboy: “I purchased some scales at a garage sale the other day.”
    Elariok: Nodding sagely. ”Good. My trust in you wasn’t misplaced. Now.” Setting the mug down. ”Get me some coffee. The thread can wait a couple more months. We can’t ignore priorities my boy.”
    Coffeeboy: ”And what will you be working on Sir?”
    Elariok: ”I’m working on the development section.” Riok casually plugs in store sales announcements into his dev section. For a moment he scrolls to past posts where actual development notes were placed, then chuckles. After a few more sales notes consisting of one sentence and a link, Riok flips Trove back on. Today was a good day. A whole months worth of work got done, and the lazy Coffeeboy was assigned a task that should last at least a couple of months. Yes, today was perfect.

    *Actual names and people were changed to protect the identity of individuals.
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    People arguing what is acceptable in chat or not and today I see this in global chat.

    *Love Letters*-racism.png

    It's real.

    ~ Wakanda Forever!

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    Default Figured i'd freshen up the thread

    The very morally upright stazy ladies and gentlemen

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    Default the people in hello kitty everybody

    it's just pvp snuggles no need to get this angry .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Protectah View Post
    it's just pvp snuggles no need to get this angry .

    its a waste of a wish tbh, youre well on your own way.

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