Peered into forums for the first time in awhile. Its good to still see names like Butkus, Kronos, Landslide & others, so I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the great times I had with Rift while I have the opportunity.

I never was great at pvp, but had TONS of fun....

The days helping Sojourn & Big Dex hunt down Meridian's invasive species like Septictank, Rgizil and all those weekend warriors.

The hours of patience Fallensoul would demonstrate in trying to teach me the ways of the Riftblade. I never really got good at it, but I learned a variety of Portuguese profanities.

Endless hours of virtual adventure sidekicking with characters like Supermanjones and Butkus, only to realize my false sense of security when they would spawncamp me the very moment the opportunity arose. (Actually Butkus had a pretty good sense of sportsmanship, but that damn Super would gank me in almost EVERY conquest if we weren't teamed up.....)

Those magical two days after cross faction guilds became viable, when a patch bug allowed the defiants & guardians in Seastone to share the same channel, thus setting a new standard at the time for cyberbullying.... ah, good times.

The hours long owpvp marathons during Storm Legion zone events. Who cared about Zolan? We were hunting (and being hunted by) Unreal & all those guardian guilds.

Sure, I stunk at pvp- but damn sure had a lot of fun.

Oh, by the way I did finally learn how to kill healers.

Put them in a dungeon & let me tank.

Thanks Rift, and most of all- thanks to all you goons steering the pixels and spamming the buttons.

Good times were had by all.