Rift, for some of us, is a game we come back to every so often because we loved what it used to be. Call it addictive nostalgia. I've enjoyed the game over the years, but as I came back every so often, to be blunt, it was just worse and worse. We all know why, but I digress. I haven't played in a couple months, but when I did, here is what I saw. Call this an opinion, or whatnot, from a purely pvp-only player perspective.

What made pvp no fun for me:

1. I'm all about getting my arse kicked, but at least make it fair.
a) Making crit power your all-in-all severely favors souls with highly inherent crit%
b) Many healing abilities are un-nerfed, creating silly loophole heals while making the
base heals laughable. I played a primalist farseer and did 8 million heals in a wf at level
67. Ridiculous. I promptly quit healing since it was silly. My cleric can loophole a huge
heal /30 seconds from a resurrect. I'd do about 3-4 million heals max. Ironically, this is
about where healers should be, just not all on one ability. Buff base heals, fix loopholes.
c) Saw some really unkillable healers. Checked out their gear. Hmmm, why do they have that pve weapon? Oh, ok. Gear not supposed to make it into pvp makes it. Totally ruins a wf when players maximize the exploitation. Playing a farseer healing with OP pve items literally made an unkillable farseer warfront after warfront.
d) RNG too crazy: I like to play different classes. The time it would take to gear up and get the good gear and more importantly the fragments is way too much. It takes mindless grinding to a whole new level. There should have been some tokens that eventually you could purchase what you needed. Time-in can = better gear, not time-in + lucky rng.

2. Not all souls are created equal; some are crazy unequal. With what Trion did to souls, basically the lazy way of advancing characters, they streamlined it all and took the core of this game-creating hybrid unique characters-and made this really just a "take this or this soul and that's it for competing." Other then that you really are just handicapping yourself, purposefully so. Very few hybrids now exist, and most rely on loopholes not intended. I'd suggest rearranging abilities or placing 1/2 the 61 point abilities into the 41 point abilities. Heck, even souls across the board make no sense. Some 41 point abilities are greater then the 61 pointers. It's like they had no clue about balance when they streamlined it all.

3. Too many break frees. Break frees used to take some intelligence and knowledge to use. Should I immediately break free, or is this just a small setback or a major one I really need to use my break free. Nah, just give us all a ton and macro it. Actually, macro everything. You used to not want to macro everything to play more efficiently. For most classes, that's out the door and just macro it all. The more broken and OP the soul, the better the outcome from macros. Give dominator a reason to be played!!!

4. Why are procs doing the most dps for some souls? My suggestion to the devs now is to watch a parse, and if someone's macroe'd proc/automatic proc/every other attack proc is doing 30-50% + of the damage, I can point out to you the most "skillful" players in game. Bladedancer, Warlord come to mind. Let's all be honest. If that's a large chunk of your dps-the procs, that's the % representation that is creating "skill." It's a proc. This damage should be much lower, and actual player choice abilities raised.

5. Possible hacking. The games been without any devs who've cared for pvp for so long, the chances someone Isn't hacking is extremely low. I'm not saying it's rampant. I'm just saying, you're being overly optimistic if you think no one hasn't figured out some hacks or major exploits. Let's get real people. The game is filling up with complete exploiters who will do anything to win, cheating if they can. No one's been around to monitor it for...well...forever. If you don't think anyone is, then can I please borrow $1,000 from you. I promise to pay it back.

6. I've seen people mentioning the silly jumping on walls, climbing to points never intended to be gained in wf's, which create janky things like teleporting and what not. Just disable this-it was never intended, regardless of the current results. It does nothing to add to the game's fairness or point of the wf, and only has caused several wf's to be turtle in one position 15 minute wait-out games.

7. Please disable the lockout of chaining abilities that-for the mass majority of the game-weren't locked out. This one is near and dear to my heart because I'm pretty sure I'm the main reason it got changed. For months I played a warrior reaver and would dot up individual players, then pull them and kick them even further away from healers, hitting instant major damaging abilities while they were slowed. It would literally kill anyone. It took timing, and maneuverability to place players chaining the attacks, and if someone had jump-backs they could counter my attempts. After going on months of killing sprees (partly due to Reaver being a little too overtuned ranged-wise), suddenly these chains were disabled on one another. The reason given: Bronze Tomb, which popped about as often as it pops now, and which no one played. They didn't want people pull-kicking players into the traps. Just so everyone understands, I played 1,000's of wfs, and I was the only one doing this. Kronos was the only other person I know who did janky things with pulls. At any rate, killed a dev over and over too much, and well...game got nerfed.

Reasons we should not disable this: It creates game diversity. Tanks can now sit on flags and wiin games being unkillable. Used to be able to pull kick them far enough to get a flag. Nope. Maneuverability: If you got good at doing it, you could kick a healer around the corner, thus gaining valuable seconds for dps to kill that one guy that wont go down. It's easily countered with utility, so can only add more depth to the game. Taking it away took away depth, and was pointless.

8. Tanks are too tanky. Probably due to the heals and loophole heals though. I'd fix the heals first, then see how tanks are.

9. Heal debuffs are jokes. Again, probably due to the heal loopholes. I'd fix heal loopholes, fix basic healing abilities, get a healer to heal about 1.5-2x's a dps's output, then see how effective the current heal debuffs are.

10. Rework Primalist into a full point class. The lazy creation made an unbalanced class, due to how the point spread works and how good you get things from one point vs. one point in a full class soul build. Yes, yes I get they don't get as much points so they added it in, but really, no this was just lazy creation of a "new" class. Its also very boring since your main abilities do more bang for their buck, but you have way fewer buttons to hit. Threshers maw here we come! I was regularly hitting high end dps on a non-geared new 70, unless of course someone was playing a fully geared crit focused warlord or bladedancer. Its a little overtuned. Ironically, you CAN hybrid build primalists.

It's a lot, but if they look at things and fix the easier ones first. Slowly but surely the game can improve, and with improvement, more new players will want to play, and more importantly, stay. As is this is such a select few game with exploiting players annihilating anyone new, let alone someone trying to get into pvp, that its a huge turn off, and a good reason the game is nearly dead.

I'll come back if they make a few more changes in the right direction. Here's to hoping!