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Thread: Datamined PvP Damage modifier changes

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    - Based on Data I've collected -

    The "Greatly increase" of damage is rather high.. I do see it being reduced a bit in the near future.

    If I were to calculate it in an understandable yet accurate point system for some to get an easy number on sheet, it'd be something to the nature of:

    Started with: (1000) points in Damage [NMT]

    (700) of those points were taken away, end of [NMT].. TTK was a tragedy..

    We were then granted with (400) points in the end for a while.

    Before the Demise of jobs of a few notable "DEVs" we were rewarded off guard with an added (200) points to the existing "400" making a calculated total of (600) points.

    Currently we sit around 1200 points due to the new change(it being doubled). I do predict this 1200 points to drop around 800, It'll leave a balanced kick to PvP damage within War fronts.

    Side Note: Duels remain the same, as they were..

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    I for one actually like the changes it has brought back some excitement and fun to matches plus there's more people playing meaning often more than one wf going. Its been so long since we have seen this much activity.

    They finally do something and now all I read is same old same old nerf this nerf that, yes lets nerf Primalist healers because damm them they have the nerve to heal and try keep people alive. Healing needs a boost if anything not farseer but all the other souls then maybe others will heal because trust me even farseer cant keep up with all the 2 shotting going on. I watch good players get melted down even if i'm throwing every heal I have at them.

    If you nerf farseer then you can say goodbye to heals in wf's full stop. Boost other healers then maybe less primalists will heal. Whatever happens wont stop me from enjoying pvp.
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