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Thread: List of % of max hp healing skills which bypass the 4.3 heal modifier

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    Default List of % of max hp healing skills which bypass the 4.3 heal modifier

    So, since Refuge demanded a list and I can't find the one I already posted (which also was incomplete, so whatever), here we go:

    Following skills bypass the 4.3 heal modifier


    Planar Rejuvenation - Riftstalker
    Legendary Planar Rejuvenation - Riftstalker
    Life Insurance - Physician
    Legendary Life Insurance - Physician


    No Permission to Die - Warlord
    Touch of Life - Paladin


    Ram - Titan
    Legendary Ram - Titan
    Thread of Fate - Farseer
    Legendary Thread of Fate - Farseer
    Shifting Winds - Dervish
    Savage Excitement - Maelstrom (on top, the ICD stated in tooltip doesn't exist)


    Legendary Flash of the Phoenix - Purifier
    Judicial Privilege - Inquisitor
    Reprieve - Justicar
    Legendary Aggressive Avarice - Defiler
    Legendary Summon: Faerie Healer - Druid
    Ravaging Darkness - Cabalist


    Soothing Waters - Arbiter
    Reclaim Elements - Elementalist (this one is kinda weird. 100% heal which heals only slightly more than a 50% heal in this list. But still, heals more than it should)

    Also: All Battle Rez (don't change that), lvl 65 trinkets, Reliquaries, all kind of healing pots

    % of Max HP skills which don't bypass the 4.3 healing modifier


    Emergency Response - Physician
    Defensive Posture - Bladedancer (adjusted in 4.4 hotfix #2)
    Planebound Aegis - Riftstalker (most likely borked because of the terrible absorb scaling)
    Planar Replenishment - Lvl 61 Mastery (adjusted in 4.4 hotfix #2)
    Planar Variation - Lvl 65 Mastery


    Enduring Survival - Lvl 61 Mastery (adjusted in 4.4 hotfix #2)
    Power Variation - Lvl 65 Mastery


    Exhileration - Lvl 61 Mastery
    Ancestral Force - Lvl 65 Mastery


    Harsh Discipline - Inquisitor
    Vicar's Resilence - Lvl 61 Mastery
    Soul Stream - Lvl 65 Mastery


    Essence Surge - Chloromancer
    Transcendent Abjuration - Frostkeeper
    Legendary Transcendent Abjuration - Frostkeeper
    Eternal Preservation - Frostkeeper
    Legendary Eternal Preservation - Frostkeeper
    Life Leech - Warlock
    Legendary Life Leech - Warlock
    Draining Bolt - Warlock
    Legendary Draining Bolt - Warlock
    Overflowing Vitality - Lvl 61 Mastery
    Phantom Stream - Lvl 65 Mastery

    I decided to take in the Lvl 61. Masteries even tho they scale with endurance, but 2 of them (Rogue/Warrior) got "correctly modified" with Defensive Posture in 4.4 Hotfix #2. So I conclude that those (List #2) are the values which are intended. The %max hp healing skills are a complete mess. Some seem to be completely modified (List #2), some completely bypass the 4.3 modifier, some have partly reductions, some scale with passive healing from other trees, while others don't. A Suggestion: Revert the modifiers (both damage and heal) back to pre 4.3, "incorrectly modify" list #2 or exchange %max hp skills with regular healing skill values (except for Battle Rez) and let all classes have some fun again. Start balancing from this point with new pvp reductions, so it won't affect pve players. Also bring back Manadrain, Dom is Life.
    I'm aware that mostlikely nothing will happen in the near future but well, it's worth a try.
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    So I did a bit of testing with you on the inquisitor, to give some percentage values with this:

    Faerie healing: Heals 12% of maximum hp (3% in pvp), this is still currently 3%, so not affected by 4.3

    Judicial Privilege: Healing 10% each stack, 5 stacks, so 50% altogether. In PvP this is 5% per stack (like many % based heals, they were halved prior to 4.3) , so 25% altogether, therefore also not affected by 4.3

    Harsh Discipline: Heals 15% over 3 seconds. I believe this used to do something, so probably again 7.5%, but now it only does 0.7% of my hp so clearly drastically affected by 4.3

    I can understand now why I hear so many raging about 4.3. As disso has stated, these actual changes benefitted the most OP specs more than it did to others. It also didn't make much sense to nerf heals this hard, so they become utterly useless.

    All in all, it's an absolute mess. It should be reverted back to what it was before 4.3, and then re-evaluated.

    Healing effusion doing less that 1% is an absolute travesty of engineering. It's so disgusting I don't want to think about it. I'm going back to my safe haven of achievement hunting, I'm feeling sick in the mouth already talking about it.

    Edit: I also have just realised I never pvp'ed before 4.3, so explains why I had no idea about all these changes.
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