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Thread: Brawl: Black Garden coming to Live?

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    Default Brawl: Black Garden coming to Live?

    Surprised nobody spotted this on Prime, a new type of Warfront where anyone from level 10 to 50 can join, low levels get their gear bolstered up and the description says "Lower Levels Players will see a massive boost to combat effectiveness...."

    With Legendary skills and eternals this might be a bit tricky to do Live, levels 10 in a 70 Warfront but it's progress, something is getting done to try bring PvP back.

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    I actually like this idea of letting everyone play together. I'd also love to see more incentives for high level players to do normal dungeons mentored (via LFG).

    The hardest thing for newcomers to bypass and enjoy the game is the vast and empty 3 expansions they have to play though until they hit level 65 and can jump into the latest content. No dungeons and pvp is popping, so your only options are grinding through all old content alone for weeks, do IAs or buy a boost. Events like "Call to Action" bring players back to Mathosia already, which is great, but there really needs to be a general incentive to hang out with newcomers.
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    Bring Conquest back... *shrugs*
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    It would be a step to the right direction for pvp.
    Make it happen Trion , it will give some life to pvp

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