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Thread: Can we get rid of fragment bolstering please

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    Default Can we get rid of fragment bolstering please

    I've been PvPing for a while now and of all the things wrong with PvP right now (mainly, surprise surprise, imbalance which has driven away a huge portion of the PvP base) I'd have to say that trying to get any fragments is hands down the worst part about it. I can deal with a few OP players. There are people who are going to do well on whatever class they play, so whatever. However, if the biggest difference between the top players and everyone else are their fragments, then it just feels worse than it already is. Beside the fact that fragments are of themselves just awful (please get rid of RNG progression), War fragments drop so rarely that you'll never be able to catch up with the people who have been PvPing since 4.0 launch. What's worse is that, of all the fragments that you will get, the vast majority will be T5/6 common fragments. Even with ~58% win rate I just can't get nearly enough caches to be able even kind of progress on them. I've gotten over a hundred war fragments, and maybe 2 of them are kind of okay and everything else is endurance/max health and T5/6, or mystical vs martial. You can't buy war fragments. You can't roll for a specific planar war fragment. If you don't already have them you'll never be able to catch up.

    Please remove fragment bolstering. At the very least, tune the drop rates and improve the rates of getting fragments that are actually good, by a lot. Maybe add in War Fragment Stashes to buy with favor. Or maybe PvP would even be ok without fragments at all, who knows. Something needs to be done, though.

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    The title seems somewhat deceiving. Fragment bolstering can be seen as changing all PvE fragments by some generic fragment with certain stats. So unless your PvP fragments are good, there is no point in using PvP fragments. So removing fragment bolstering would make things worse.

    I do agree with most things in your post. Fragments are much worse in PvP than PvE. Unless you PvP lots, you have no way of catching up and fragments have got too much RNG. So it is best to remove PvP fragments completely and bolster everyone's fragments to the same level. Big gear differences = very low quality PvP.
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    They wont get rid of it, your best bet is to quit the game and find a new one with balance or a company that actually cares about the PVP community..

    Since they introduced the bolstering of stats on items, things were pretty bad but they went to complete **** after that. When "Daglar" talked about PVP pre-NMT launch, I knew he had no knowledge about the current state and was talking out of his ***... He swore he pvp'd all day but was so full of **** lol.

    Sad story but it is what it is.

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    I would suggest to get rid of separated PVP stuff at all. If they want to keep special "pvp" gear, then it is simpler to bolster it to (top_raid_tire -1) inside WZ and keep any other gear as is. Because....10 ppls do pvp and 70+ do vostigar right this moment. Then make WZ-dmg-heal balance around current raid gear dependent, for example, create body rune which "adds 200% armor in pvp, adds 50% dmg in pvp" - so u can balance all by 1 rune.

    And well, all those from BoS/Vostigar are 1shot bodies on wz.

    Tried about 10 matches. Got ***** by same 2 guys with 9k dps each like 8-9 times. I'm done with pvp for next 6 months or so.
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