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Thread: Tank Meta out of control

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    Default Tank Meta out of control

    Way to many tank's in warfront's these day's and we all know the reason behind it. Really wish this game had a limit to tanks and healers in warfronts, i understand the queue times would be really bad if that happend. Would have to say though it would be really good to have a role select like dungeons have and you have no way of switching specs during a warfront. It just causes some real boredom when you cant cap any points cause you have a tank at each point. What could this game do to prevent to many tanks and healers other than verbally tell people to switch, cause that barely ever works?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmmpvp View Post
    What could this game do to prevent to many tanks

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    Make the classes that are tanking have better dps unless they already have outstanding dps. And also to cap speed in warfronts so that tanks with overpowered utility can't abuse it.

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    This is why class balance needs to be addressed. OP is posted very regularly.

    Even though "LOL I don't even know how we would balance 3000+ soul combinations" it's really not that difficult. You start by nerfing overpowered skills and buffing weak ones. You do that on a regular basis. I think the community would much rather have a flavor of the month opposed to the flavor of the decade. It just takes resources. This benefits everyone. New builds to play, new teams to raid/dungeon, etc.

    Pvp needs a bunch of help. Balancing isnt the only problem and solution. Though its a big start.

    There's all kinds of temporary fixes that aren't that hard to implement to break up the tank meta. It's not like listing and discussing any of them would help though.

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    Also the damage nerf is still to high by a good margin which of course helps tanks the most since they have the most HP and damage mitigation.

    Personally the devs need to buff/nerf a verify few outliers and get the TTK back down to something reasonable then keep tuning from there. This would go a very long way to fixing PVP with minimal effort.

    There are some warrior and rogues doing tons of healing as dps still, assuming the nerfs are not hitting there specs which should really be addressed as well as these are some of the outliers in PvP.
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