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Thread: valor/vengeance

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    Default valor/vengeance

    its not rewarding or impactful to get warfront gear we need valor/vengeance back removing them was the worst idea ever also priority or not add more upgrade on the warfront gear its not like its any hard or long to do
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    Gear differences can only make PvP worse. At the moment the gear difference between a fresh level 70 and fully PvP-geared player is way too big. This results in more one-sided matches and makes PvP less fun for new players. Usually badly geared players aren't skilled either, so the difference between good players and bad players is really big.

    What PvP needs is complete gear normalization. So everyone gets the same stats. If you want progression in PvP, then cosmetic stuff would be a better idea.

    Of course balancing particular souls has got a higher priority at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dico View Post
    What PvP needs is complete gear normalization. So everyone gets the same stats..
    Sounds like some WoW Legion , it would be the best thing to do to balance pvp in an expansion, then only patchs would be required to fix OP spells/souls.

    Btw, it's too much to wait for since the content they've worked the most on are some expensive boxes or packs.

    Do not wait anything from this game for PvP. Anything !

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    i think that pvp should only be a matter of 'skill' - both player skill and soul skills
    i think that at least one soul per calling should be dedicated to pvp, with the introduction / revamping of abilities that could help the players to have more moves / counter-moves, working both for pve and pvp, but obviously with the most effectiveness for pvp (eg the some dot exploding after x seconds, some curses, some CCs, would work also in pve but would be effective and fun in pvp)
    i think that there's a big lack of useful abilities for pvp, even if you do some hybridization
    there's also a lack of rewards nowadays in pvp... i mean, it would be very funny and balanced if you can build your charachter's gear both from pve and pvp with similar results (eg if today i want to do some pvp because i wake up bored with the pve i'd like to earn the favor and spend it for the pve gear - favor is actually pretty useless, you can buy only blue items...)
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