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Thread: Nerf Bladedancer....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaybae View Post
    What ''data'' are you referring to?
    The data comes from the leaderboards each week. It is pretty easy to tell which classes are the outliers by compiling both EU/NA on live. I don't know about prime PvP. The leaderboards have been sort of "broken" lately in the fact that it gets reset each week but if it were left to run continuously, I bet you would see a sea of mostly yellow, and blue for kb streaks and total warfront healing.

    Edit: In fact I just went on NA and EU and it is legitly like that still and it was like this almost 6 months ago which was the last time I did that. Cleric has its qualities but I can't see anyone on the list being OP with cleric. I tend not to believe that they are OP until it is proven on the leader boards. So whatever super secret spec Cleric has seems to be nonexistent or something misinterpreted like power ups or certain soul mechanics like defiler which can deal damage to itself and heal itself continuously because that is how it plays so they can get big leaderboard numbers since even if they are out of harms way they take damage from themselves continuously. That was something I argued against back when they revamped Defiler and so far its been an on going problem and being misinterpreted both on live and prime. They are really easy to shut down actually especially with aoe cleanses and a simple addon that tells you when to cleanse.
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    I thought I might have been attacked for that, I was just trying to make a point about the current player base left, I wasn't trying to come across as arrogant.

    I'm not sure how leader boards could show anything useful, as it's all cumulative rather than averages. I top quite a few of them, simply because I probably PvP far more than most in the past few weeks.

    I don't know of any secret cleric build either, I have a feeling that statement didn't hold any weight.

    Warriors are also incredibly strong in the right hands, and they also have several specs at their disposal. I wouldn't stand much of a chance vs Guelone for example, but he's a direct counter to any class trying to kite, so that's a given. I don't know much about how other classes work, but sometimes I see decent players run away from a 1vs1 sometimes I see them attack (no relation to objectives), I'm going for a crude assumption then that they rely heavily on cds for the burst.
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    Bring back Assasin/Nightblade build. Which I perfected before the stupid Storm Legion Update. Blade Dancer for years sucked. Nerfing any class sucks.
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    Give the people what they really want, That's Conquest---> (On LIVE server).. Leave everything else alone.

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    yes, a lagfest with pve objectiv. that's all we want

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    I would laugh, if it weren't so sad. Easily one of the best MMOs of all-time - destroyed by the company, banning community members for no reason, cheaters allowed to run rampant.

    Annnnnd... yep - because of all of their inaction, design "choices", etc - they can't maintain a large enough playerbase to run their business in the black.

    I wonder, how many millions were lost by players quitting simply because ballzofsteel was allowed to exploit for a year? How many?

    And that's just one example of their terrible decisions. But, we gripe about pvp too much for them to properly address our concerns. Well, bye Felicia.

    Remember, put Trion on all your resumes so none of us hire you. Because really, we don't want our projects to die like you let every aspect of Rift die.
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