So today and yesterday I was running in WF;s but it was was endless lag as soon as more than four people were engaged it was over town for me, . However, I kept getting a black screen, I get this in dims as well. Its almost as if the client is not receiving proper information that it reopens / glyph and this causes constant frustraition.

The glyph client itself is the issue because I have noticed it pops up again and booting the original game when in game...??? So this has been an issue for a long time and it is slowly taking its toll while I'm in game. Now most of the time I alt tab and shut down the other client but lately it has aroused to be a very formative issue, especially those that run it on windows 8. It just keeps on keeping on, like the gift you never asked for. and In pvp it is detrimental to cure these things and the black screen is all about it, and the lag is non sense. Seriously, there should only be lag issues if your running on a sub par system, also when these wf's were created did anyone think to seperate the bandwidth since they do take up more of it? I dont know but today was a night mare in pvp also , people just running around dying to say the least. lol I mean I have fun always in them but these issues need to be addressed.