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Thread: Jump The Shark: Let's take a look "PVP"

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    Default Jump The Shark: Let's take a look "PVP"

    In short, there are a few specs. and couple classes that can out right "3 shot, 2, or even One shot" you within an instant, in which I agree with most is Unacceptable and shouldn't be allowed in pvp(WF's). Why not nerf the abilities and damage a certain class does vs. nerf'ing PvP entirely. True, many players QQ(complain) about damage and not being able to survive long enough to cast anything, sure, the change might have been a "Here ya go THEN!" response to those players, but to all(majority of pvp'ers), numerically, is just a sad and tragic let down.. Literally I'm Tanking 4-5 players at a time in my most vulnerable spec. within my arsenal.

    < Point Breaker > Maybe look at the abilities that do over 90k - 270k(sometimes per Tick) damage. Other abilities(force Apathy) that stay on a player, even through Death, and abilities that last 20 seconds not allowing you to cap a flag.

    Those are some things that need a thorough rework and need some looking into...

    Side note: Hopefully this new change in "(pvp)-Damage reduction" is reviewed and looked at with a keen sense and rethought with a more reasonable outcome.

    Thanks always, Esca
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    Me and Maltie already made two lists of specs of each class that we know of that should be nerfed for reasons, with even solutions attached to it (even tho the classbalancer knows better but guess thats how much we care huh).

    Guess how that worked out lul

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    I will admit that I was one of the complainer but I had very specific complaints. I argued that there were damage reduction imbalances: caster damage reduction versus melee and non-physical damage were not even. And more specifically cast time (non-channeled) versus instant was done in an illogical way. For instance archon armor allow for certain cast time abilities to be cast instantly at 200% more damage. I kept complaining that it made no sense that if I have to stand there a cast a 1.5 - 2 sec spell it should do significantly more damage than instant casts and instant abilities. But the Rift devs went the opposite direction. They seem to ignore one of the fundamental principles of mmorpgs (which I have been playing since 1999). Cost risk versus reward. Melee characters should not deal more damage per landed attack versus cast time users. They should attack faster but there overall dps should be similar, like when I first started playing this game in 2009. But once they changed dominator from a pvp soul, which required you to reallocate points from your main callings to gain things like increased pvp damage, break free, ect and gave more and more souls cc, the risk that melee callings had was significantly reduced. Melee souls can now stun, disarm, root, snare, pull, attack from range and increase movement speed. This took away the distance advantage cast time souls. So then the devs in turn started making these range cast time sous have less cast time. Now you have damage issues. In summary this lead to constant misbalancing of all souls, with each new calling, each new soul update, and new callings furthering the spiral of misbalancing. Simply these devs are both lazy and inept, like being unable to balance four warrior tanks (which had existed since I started in 2008). The three points that lead to this started with: the initial warrior calling rebalance, changing souls to more mirror WOW, and every calling can do everything.
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