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Thread: Gear in PVP

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    Default Gear in PVP

    I find it humorous that for so long gear was a problem in PVP. So many players made such an issue out of equivalency; now, those same players are the ones who abuse the current bolster and utilize gear that is far below level to acquire better stats than the gear provided to them (at their request) to solve the very issue they complained about for so long.

    There should be no gear bolstered higher than Reaper's/Ascended and Slayer gear in PVP. These are top tier for PVP, and that's the way it should be. Individuals sporting level 65 pre-expansion PVE & PVP gear should not benefit from the bolster system in such a way that it affects their overall damage output (obviously the benefit is significant enough to choose 65 gear with minimal runes over 70 gear). Nor should players wearing current raid earrings and necklaces (or otherwise).

    I am keeping in mind the added bonus from fragments, which considering the fiscal grind to level them, makes sense that they would provide added benefits. That's fine, but comparative specs -- one wearing a mixture of Slayer's/Ascended & 65 (shoulders, cape, helm, ect) pieces and the other full Ascended/Slayer -- see completely different damage output. An ability that may hit for 50k non-crit for one person hits for 62k+ non-crit for the next. The player wearing 65 pieces will inherently have higher output by simply utilizing the bolster system in a way that shouldn't be applicable.

    My simple suggestion is that Slayer's and Ascended should be made TOP -TIER, as intended. Anything outside of the PVP gear provided for the current expansion should NOT be bolstered higher than the current gear. One tier below Slayer's and Ascended would be appropriate.

    This includes, but is not limited to: ALL raid gear, weapons, accessories and trinkets. Every piece of pre-expansion PVP gear (Dreambreaker's, Ethmereal, ect) should be bolstered NO HIGHER than one tier BELOW Slayer's/Ascended. This would put everyone who wants to PVP on an even playing field. Even those who generally PVE could join, but if they wished to continue, they could easily accrue favor and wouldn't be at such a disadvantage that it would be impossible. Then, players who cried constantly about gear and now abuse the bolster that was put in place for them, can actually utilize the gear they asked for without receiving any advantages for equipping level 65 pieces for extra damage.
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    "Abuse", is such a strong word. "Utilize" - seems so much fuzzy friendlier.

    Bottom line, it's less the players and more Dev team. I pointed this out ages ago, on several occasions (as have others) - they just simply haven't made it any sort of priority to fix, nor have they ever stated they intended to afaik.

    Advice until then? Skip the blues, strap on some level 25 greens, and go wreck peeps like a boss. Don't forget to hotkey you a "lolz - you got wtfrekt kid" macro.
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