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Thread: PVP reluctance

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    Default PVP reluctance

    I know Trion likes to make the claim that this isnt a pvp-centric game, but why the absolute reluctance on all levels to ignore everything pvp? Even though its just a small piece of the pie, why is it impossible for them to make it a quality piece of pie? Doesn't have to be the focus of the game but surely they can deliver a quality product nonetheless.

    Many of us pvpers actually pay real money for this ya know. I ask myself why everyday........
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    I'm a black tire loyalty PVP-player and I regret each and every dime I have ever spent on Trion.

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    I don't really blame them? The PVP forums are a lot of flame wars - there's no reason to expect devs to engage a toxic community. I feel very good about the money I've spent on RIFT - it saved me money on other games, primarily, and it gave me friends to go back to in game, and it always seemed to expand and ask more of me, whereas other games seemed content to ask for very little.

    I've been thinking about RIFT a lot lately - the Destiny 2 release has me thinking of picking up an MMO, so I've been reflecting on what it was like being active in this community and whether I should pick up such a significant time commitment. At this time I've picked up Warframe and it's a good MMO so far - I'd recommend it to anyone looking for satisfying PVE content in a heartbeat.

    Previously I'd proposed that it was the gear grind that got me to leave RIFT for now, but, I remembered that it was actually the fragment system and the new gear split. In the past I was very enthusiastic about fragments, because trading fragments would mean I could slowly gear up alts without actually having to grind them. However, once we got into reality, the RNG behind them became more frustrating than rewarding. I have 'alts' that I played once in a while (read as, once a month, maybe) and having my main grind fragments to wind up with little to show for it was very unpleasant--even more so with additional stat assignments tied up in RNG. I've always been plat poor, and investing plat just to get something to like level n so that it wasn't absolutely trash, then seeing it turn out to be an absolute wipe at the next upgrade felt more like I was being penalized for my investment, instead of rewarded.

    Honestly, keeping the RNG on fragments would be fine with me--I think it's the 'reveal' that's frustrating. Investing in something that I *know* is trash and will always be trash is fine: it's completely transparent. However, Brasse once talked about how the game uses lockboxes because people like surprises? People *do* like *positive* surprises - negative surprises, though, aren't fun.
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