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Thread: No Loot Rewards after winning Warfronts

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    Default No Loot Rewards after winning Warfronts

    Good Morning,

    Level 67 Cleric here, I'm finding that I'm not gaining any loot rewards after winning warfronts, specifically Codex, which was needed to complete the weekly Guns for Hire. I used to gain Marauders Cache, but the last 2 times nothing, even though a teammate won a Reaper Supply Cache.

    Please let me know if this is a reportable bug or did the rules change recently?

    I also am not able to get the weekly zone quest either (used to be in Tempest Bay)

    Thank you in advance!

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    You have to be either 65 or 70 to get Loot Chests from Warfronts.No Loot from 66 - 69.
    Working as intended.

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    You were getting caches (marauder) at 65 because you were at "the endgame".
    You only get them in the endgame. Now that's 70, where you'll get the reaper caches.
    Same thing with the weekly. When you hit 70 you'll get the 2 weeklies and the 2 dailies (in Allitu).

    Still worth pvp'ing all the way, you still earn favors so you will have an headstart when you hit 70.
    Favor is at least as useful as caches. That's how you get your weapons.
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