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Thread: Re-(Build)ing our PVP Community

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    Default Re-(Build)ing our PVP Community

    For the last few weeks, some of us have been begging and pleading with Trion to make changes to the current pvp status. With all that has been said, good or bad, Trion has made it clear, that for now pvp is on the back burner, sort of speak.

    So I think we should make the best of it, with what we have. I think we can all agree that dropping into a match with 9 or 14 other people and looking around, realizing that there are no healers, sucks lol...almost worthy of taking the debuff.

    For the most part, any really good build, whether healing or dps, are pretty hard to find. And I get it, peeps don't like to share, don't want it nerfed, don't want the other team to be op etc etc etc. I for one would much rather be in a match that goes down to the wire, than continue to be on teams that steam roll the other side. Now, that is fun from time to time, but gets pretty boring after a while. I myself, enjoy the longer matches. Some don't, that is okay.

    So my thoughts on this, to help the community make the best of what we got, is take this post and use it to share your builds. Healing preferred. I think we all got some kind of dps build, but not all have a decent heal spec. Regardless if the person is great at it, or is terrible...I think in the long run, it would be helpful.

    Knowing that pvp is gonna be like this for who knows how long, I say we do what we can and try and make it fun again. They aren't gonna balance it, so the best we can do is try and balance it ourselves.

    A lot of us are friends, some aren't. Its all good, It's our community, It's what we enjoy doing. So work with me and the rest of us to try and turn it around, or don't and continue to whine and cry. Cause so far, that has got us nowhere

    Thank you ~Roadkillpanda

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    I run a 32 tact/44 phys/0 mm heal build. I would run others but for versatility and movement ability I choose to use this one for most pvp heal conditions. It offers good support and is by no means a stand alone heal spec. For that, I recommend anything but 61 physician.

    Curative Engine (tact)
    Barrier Remote (tact)
    Urgent Care (phys)
    Emergency Response (phys)
    Casual Treatment (phys)

    61 Planar Replenishment
    62 Watch Over
    63 Unstoppable
    64 Through the Ether
    65 Planar Variation

    Curative Engine
    Preventive Medication
    Simultaneous Treatment

    #show Causal Treatment
    cast [shift] Group Therapy
    cast Causal Treatment
    cast Active Treatment

    #show Maintenance Therapy
    cast Maintenance Therapy

    #show Causal Treatment
    cast [notactive] Alternative Treatment
    cast Adrenaline Shot
    cast Causal Treatment
    cast Active Treatment

    #show Curative Blast
    cast Curative Blast
    cast Curative Core

    #show Emergency Response
    cast Urgent Care
    cast Active Treatment
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