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Thread: How this PVPer feels

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    Default How this PVPer feels

    As has been duly noted, yes this isn't a pvp-centered game. BUT, it has always had pvp. Very good pvp up until 3.0, when the wheels began coming off. The Devs only excuse to anything pvp related is "its not a pvp-centered game." And thats fine.

    However, even with that in mind, Trion always delivered on QUALITY to the best of their abilities up until then. This is something, undeniably, you aren't giving to the pvpers now. You are still the creators of the game. If you are going to offer pvp, you should at least give your best efforts to deliver a "quality" product. But you are not. You are giving the pvp community the scraps off the plate for the sake of giving us "something". I think, in my opinion, that is what burns all the pvpers the most. The fact that you just turn your heads and tell us to go elsewhere. We are not asking for the world, except you pay a little attention to it and deliver quality.

    Unless of course, you dont care about the quality of your product........
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    this basically sums up all of my previously posted sarcasm the last few years in one paragraph. thanks. =]
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