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Thread: My thoughts

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    Default My thoughts

    Not only do I pvp, I am also a big part of the dimension community. I see what we get, when we want it in dimensions, and that's great. On the pvp side, not so much. We're not asking for miracles or complete game change. We are merely asking for small things that would be a huge difference. Some examples......
    Make pvp gear bis for pvp (most important in my opinion)
    Balance the teams better.
    Figure out a time restraint, so that you don't drop into a match that is almost over.
    These 3 ideas would make things (in my opinion) much better.

    I know this has all been talked about a million times over, but nothing has been done, other than telling us, if we want pvp, go play Archage....That aint gonna happen. We want to play Rift. We want to pvp in Rift, just like the good ol days. We hear, its program this and program that...takes time to go over this and that...didn't take much time to remove all that great stuff....add it back.

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    This is in reference to the enjoyment and anguish of wonderful PVP. We are striving to relight the development team's fire with the outcry. You make a good point and a valid one.
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    I agree with all that you wrote. I love Rift and I dont want to go else where. I left other games for Rift for a reason. Dimensions and the pvp here have my heart. I hope some devs listen to our little cries and do something to bring back more meaning to the current pvp state.
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