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Thread: PVP fragments values and drop rate

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    Default PVP fragments values and drop rate

    we not getting good and decent pvp fragments and we have no additional sources of pvp frags.
    more worste is getting that patch were we get cores instead of frags, while pvpers dont realy need cores...
    i also dont understand why a pvp frag have stats like guard....

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    Made a thread on that too, bumped it when the "core in boxes" update came in...
    PVP'ers have it real bad on fragments. Just like PVE'ers, there's lots of people who just don't have the plat to upgrade them, but even if you do have the plat, you just don't find enough worth upgrading.

    Both pve and pvp frags have trash stats/poor combination, but as you find a hell of a lot more in PVE, sheer numbers can at least counter the variance a bit. In PVP you don't find nearly enough for that to happen. 90-99% of fragments are absolute trash (depending on your standard for 'not trash'), which is viable when you can find hundreds/thousands of PVE fragments easily, but no so much in PVP when you find a few dozens in a week if you play WF's like a madman, and less than that if you play casually.

    And unlike PVE, PVP frags are needed&make a difference even if you only play casually. If you PVE casually you don't really need lots of high frags, OP eternal weapons allow you to do enough dps for casual stuff like dungeons.

    But in PVP, there's just 1 thing to do, and you do it with the people with high frags/BIS gear, regardless of your level of play. If you don't upgrade your fragments you feel the pain everytime you queue WF, because every bit helps (and every bit you don't do, hurts).

    But of course you can't upgrade what you don't find, so there you are.
    Oh sure if you have I don't know 5 million plats you can probably upgrade every white fragment you find to relic level, and when the star aligns you'll find a perfect 5 stats one (that will still be worse than an higher base frag, but wtv)... But it'll probably cost you a few hundred thousand plats to get them that way, it's not exactly reasonable.

    If you try to spend your plat efficiently and only upgrade the fragments with reasonable potential, you don't find nearly enough.

    Apparently there's a fragment system overhaul incoming, so maybe there's hope... But we need to find a lot more fragments, or be able to buy them with favors or something. This would fix two issues at once... The lack of frags, and people stacking favors pointlessly, making it a worthless currency, and making any new upgrade an insta-purchase for most players.
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