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Thread: PvP Video: Letting Nefelia Die

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    Default PvP Video: Letting Nefelia Die

    1)Letting Nefelia Die: A compilation of Nefelia's greatest deaths! Or at least, some of the deaths that I found interesting or instructive for some reason.

    Also, a celebration of those who have utterly crushed and wrecked Nefelia, including: Jegodin, Cloakanddaggers, Tetralith, Dragnoss, Xxxlilithxxx, Monx, Wesbox, Wiinkey, and a few others I can't recall at the top of my head (Bajn gets credit for the assist and I accidentally ruined Fernand's clip so he is not included in this one).

    2) Resurgence: Whitefall Steppes with a poorly balanced team. We did the best we could while hoping reinforcements would shore up our weaknesses.
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    I chuckled so much at all the paragons just casually jumping around, hitting you with endless burst from ranged with like 3 buttons, hahaha.

    Tis why ive stopped until it gets fixed or something else becomes as broken as harb/para/assassin/bd.

    Wait til 4.2 ;)

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    Always enjoy watching your video's.
    Sonyia@Deepwood / Jags@Deepwood / Nonoo@Deepwood

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    "Have you ever ignored the mini-map, only to find yourself blind-sided by 10 or so enemies?"

    "The beast punched right through my top 3 healing CD's!" [re Jegodin@Seastone]

    "It's time to cap.. everyone knows this except for Nefelia.. she's derping in the middle."

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    Neffy you just keep getting better and better!
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    Its true, your videos just get better and more entertaining. You manage to be both witty and philosophical. My favorite was the whole Nef's Bane bit. We all have our Nef's Bane on some map. Mine is the starting gate at Karthan Ridge, when I'm trying to speed CD my way down to pick up a part and my first launch throws me into a rock, so I get down there late and Dragnoss evaporates me in my paper speed spec. I say it like its happened only once...
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