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Thread: current ranged meta makes whitefall neat unplayable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xclvsive View Post
    Queues seem to only be fast if ur solo and have low elo, or a pm with low average elo. Once ur elo starts to rise the queues get progressively slower until nonexistent.
    That doesn't seem the case when I played. It was more like if you solo queue and did well the system will choose you to face off against a pm more than half the time so you get punished and get considered a carrier and 1 man premade. It's a dumb system. I would rather they just reward PvP'ers who queue together some more weeklies to force people to Premade vs. Premade. And that become the general way things go forward. Group rewards, single player reward splits will allow for more competitive scene and everyone would be rushing to get dailies weeklies done and PMs will always have a competitive field. If its just friends playing together then get better or copy strat..of the best teams playing and see if your collective minds can over achieve. Some PMs still during off hours stomp the other side with the marked 1 man premade and Trion doesn't have anyway but to punish them with long queue if those 1 man premades stop playing after being abused by the system.
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