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Thread: bolstered fragments

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    Default bolstered fragments

    as the title says im curious about what stats they add as my lvl 15 pve fragments aren't getting bolstered down, leaning more and more towards pvp so im trying to min/max my char for pvp purpose

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    All non pvp fragments get bolstered to these stats. Any PvP fragments are "what you see is what you get".
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    The bolster level is not that bad, gets the job done.
    Unless you're swimming in plat, best way to do it is to equip a full suit of PVE frags ( stats don't matter ) and then when you have the plat, upgrade 1 pvp fragment with potential to the max, and replace a pve one, and so on.

    half upgraded pvp frags aren't much better ( and sometime worse ) than the bolstered ones. So I think it's most efficient to go with the full boster suit and just replace them when you get a good pvp one, lvl 15 BIS'ish.

    If you already have a full suit of level 15 PVE frags you might want to start a new on a new set so you don't lose your lvl 15 pve obviously, in case you go back to pve sometime. (I never upgraded pve frags but I assume they're much better for pve than the pvp ones).

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    Quote Originally Posted by somerandomnamee View Post
    (I never upgraded pve frags but I assume they're much better for pve than the pvp ones).
    Nope. Only difference is you get T1 death CP's.

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