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Thread: PvP Video: Strategy - A Strategic Clusterfluffle at Codex

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    Default PvP Video: Strategy - A Strategic Clusterfluffle at Codex


    This video is one part strategy guide to Codex, one part critique of the questionable strategic choices of my allies, and one part celebration of a well fought match.

    It seems that the majority of players in the warfronts have a very amateurish understanding of Codex strategy, with their knowledge of Codex strategies beginning and ending with "Dex + Statue" (or "Dex + Scope" when one starts as a Defiant). It seems that many players don't even realize that "Dex + Statue/Scope" is only one of the two standard Codex strategies.

    Dex + Statue/Scope: this is a good starting point and relatively easy to maintain, it only results in 10 points per tick vs. the opponents' 8 points per tick. It is an ideal strategy for slowly building up a lead with minimal risk. However, circumstances often call for more aggressive strategies.

    The 3-Cap: this strategy is more difficult to maintain, but successfully securing the bottom three caps results in 12 points per tick vs. the opponents' 6 points per tick. This strategy is often necessary when the opposition is well entrenched at Dex. Not only does it provide more points to help catch up when lagging behind, but holding the three lower caps often forces the Dex defenders to move away from Dex to try to secure a second flag.

    Any attempt at a well-defended Dex should be preceded by a 3-cap if only to pull opponents from Dex and weaken the Dex defence. Besides which, if the entire team can not secure the bottom three caps while the majority of the opposition is crowded at Dex, there is no chance of successfully assaulting Dex.

    Contrary to the rigid mindset of "Dex + Statue/Scope" or bust, the Codex warfront is fluid. Whether defending or assaulting a flag, all players should have their Recon Vials active and regularly observe the mini-map to react to changing conditions around the map. Undefended flags should be snagged if expedient, and half an eye should be kept on owned flags so as to respond to incoming assaults before the opposition managed to trigger the cap.

    Codex truly is one of my favourite maps due to the understated depth of its strategic options. Hopefully my video will prove enlightening and entertaining for some.
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    Loved it. Awesome turnaround and educational.
    Admit I was at the edge of my chair - at the very last moment - looked like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory when everyone left you alone. Very well played. Thank you for sharing

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    i got the sadface =(

    great video though!!!
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    Great content, instructive and nice to watch. You win some and lose some but damn does it feel good when things turn around. Well done.

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