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Thread: How to make Nightblade viable again

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    Default How to make Nightblade viable again

    I've been playing Nightblade the last couple of days, and i came to the conclusion that its biggest problem is that it needs eight global cooldowns before it can start doing some real damage.
    So here is what I would do:
    1. Make Legendary Dusk Strike also apply a buff called something like "Dark Swiftness" - Dark Swiftness puts the next Dusk Strike completely off global cooldown and allows you to cast it without energy cost. This buff can not applied anymore as soon as 5 stacks of Empiness are reached.

    2. Put Scourge of Darkness off the global cooldown

    3. Make a Legendary for Blathing Path: Fire based damaging Abilitys have a chance to reset the cooldown of Blazing Path - PvPers would take this over Flame Blitz, at least I would^^
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    Im just gonna... quote myself

    Quote Originally Posted by Maltie View Post
    Nightblade still weak

    Fiery Spike maintenance is weird

    Few options to help with this;

    a) Make Flame Blitz proc Fiery Spike

    b) Reduce Dusk to Dawn's cooldown to 15s (like Death from the Shadows) and allow it to proc a Fiery Spike, atleast this way we can alternate between DtsS and DtD to maintain FS

    c) Allow Enkindle (requires 30 points in NB) to increase the duration of Fiery Spike by 5s

    Other idea's to help with Nightblades low dps

    ~ Allow Nightrage (buff from Dusk to Dawn that increases the damage of Blazing Thrust and Flame Thrust by 20%) to affect Flame Blitz

    ~ Increase Dusk Strike damage

    ~ Let Dark Malady be used out of stealth

    ~ Ebon Fury instantly gives 5 stacks of Emptiness, an issue with NB is that its build-up is too slow, its supposed to be fast burst damage, having Ebon Fury give 5 stacks will help with initial burst dps.

    Just a few ideas.

    The reason NB is in such a terrible state is because Keyens is trying to balance ST damage around an AoE finisher, which is just silly
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