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    I look forward to the tears when there's nobody playing healers at all in Warfronts and players just drop like flies

    I'm not seeing any Healer specs getting these debuffs, is a healer just supposed to bash two Johnny Awesome Rogues tag teaming them with harsh language?, with the further nerfs coming this week a class like Frostkeeper will just be a 'glance at them and they die' class now

    Looks like the dawn of the Deathmatch has arrived, 15 vs 15, no healers, may the team with most debuffers win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguarundi View Post
    While Rogue healers are not very good, in a lot of warfronts I have been in, they are better than no healers (or they were).

    If the changes go live, Rogue heals in pvp will be dead, so I am hoping you will also make it impossible to have an all Rogue team (I get a lot of them).

    Rogues have no AOE healing spec so while they were better than no heals before, they are worthless under with the changes. So under these new changes if you get a warfront with all rogues or only rogue healers leaving is the best choice as the game is already over.

    I really hope these do not go live, unless you are also changing the balancing of the team composition and AOE healers available to each team.
    Rogues have no AOE healing spec?

    Hmm, better delete my phystac Rogue then I guess. . .
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    I find it so very odd that the souls with Twisted Soul (Major) also have Twisted Soul (Minor). Upon first glance, I had thought that stacking the two debuffs would require teamwork. Upon closer examination, I see that all that is required is to roll the correct PvP spec.

    Goodbye diversity. Hello new FotM.

    Also, this would have been an opportunity to make the less frequently played souls more attractive. Harbinger is already recognized as one of the two top DPS specs for mages in PvP. It certainly does not need to have a 50% - or even just 35% - debuff added to it.

    I'd rather see Twisted Soul (Major) go to an underused soul like Necromancer, while Twisted Soul (Minor) goes to Harbinger and/or Warlock. And the only reason I even accept Harbinger having access to this rebuff is because it is attached to an ability that forces the Harb to get into melee range.

    Every other class should also see the Twisted Soul debuffs split among two or three souls, with the Major debuff going to a soul that is not already one of the top DPS specs.
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    Do those Healingdebuffs stack with the real one?
    So as Reaver Im able to effectively have 35% (Infestation, Major debuff) + 15% (Necrotic Wounds, minor debuff) + 15% (Necrotic Wounds, healing given debuff) +15% (Soul Sickness, healing recieved debuff) which would be for example on a Healer altogether 80% healdebuff ?

    edit: sorry, overread that the passive of reaver will get changed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Filri View Post
    15% (Necrotic Wounds, healing given debuff) +15% (Soul Sickness, healing recieved debuff)
    Also, it's going to be multiplicative, not additive. It won't be possible to reach 100%.

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    Soo.. as a mage i will have just Harb for pvp, as warrior I have to play Reaver of all specs...
    but as Rogue I will have 3 pvp souls??

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    Im just interested if the intention of this changes is to force every player to play dps in bgs because there is like no way one heal will stay alive vs for example a nb. A good NB should be able to kill a 80k hp heal in like 6sec while the heal dude cant do **** even if hes uses all cds. And PVP is mostly not about 1v1 its more like 3 ppl focusing one guy etc. . I would prefer to scale the debuffs down to 15-20 // 10-15 otherwise there is like no reason to play heal if you cant even outheal 1 dps.

    And pls put the derwish healbuff on something else then earthfall i mean derwish is still super garbage in bgs but its nearly immpossible to get more then 1 earthfall per minute

    BIG PLS DISABLE the debuffs in PVE
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    This game is done. Soon we really reach that vantage point when rift became an FPS. Who wants to play heal when heals became useless except FK?
    And you just keep nerf healing while damage un-nerfed since beginning of this expansion? Really? If an NB opens on me with all his debuffs, perma snare, drain, that will be fun!

    You should thank for pocket-healed melee, don't act against them. They are keeping ALIVE melee in this range focused wicked game. Without those random and very rare pocket healed players who actually DARE to play melee we would just stand in circles all the time and spam from range from safety!
    Only action needed against cross heals!

    Do you even pvp???

    Add debuffs to melee abilities! Passive aoe healing debuff was in the game before and got removed! Any of the devs still remember? Don't add this to pvp! Please.

    edit, edit:
    More I read more I became upset.
    And I have questions:
    Is there DR on this healing debuff? Or I can have it on me 100% uptime for example against an NB 35% for 6 sec, then continuous 15% healing debuff “UNCLEANSABLE” until one of us die? Plus as others mentioned anathema? Rogues already a versatile class for pvp, you make rogues a must-play class for pvp.
    For example with fell blades I can keep everyone around me debuffed until either me or they die? Debuffs can overwrite each other? Can be stack by multiple dps? If multiple NBs attacking someone what factor decide who's debuff going to be active? If 2 NBs attacking me and I got the debuff and he dies, other nb debuff will be active next gcd? Weakest debuff will overwrite strongest, vice versa?

    So a healer not just get chain ccd, drained, pulled, kicked, stalled, focused, purged but from now debuffed till death!
    I can’t see reason for this harsh ST healing hate and actions other than that devs got killed by a pocket healed paragon. Stacked healers the problem, not ST heals others and me told this hundreds of time!

    I can just repeat myself and ask again: don’t add "minor" healing debuff to the game. Seriously!
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    Default Suggestion to add bladedancer into the list

    Dauntless strike Could use major/minor Twisted Soul
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    Lingering wounds v2.
    RIP guyhax/horsesock

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    Instead of adding this to selected few souls, could you just push for reintroducing the PvP souls and put such utility things there?

    A plainly short soultree to accomodate just enough points to fill 15 offsoul ones should be sufficient so you could even cut it short.

    On the same page narrow the bolstering gap down to just half a set of gear and make obtainable procs the real min max game for it, in fact if you look at those glorious t3 procs, that's stuff I'd like to see for PvP, rather than some midgame junk, downbolster is a lie anyway so instead of having to put up with that up the floor and break away the ceiling, maybe a new pvp currency apart from grindmonger derps err warmonger marks with open world quests, etc for people to engage in player versus player combat in more places again, straight up limit those to the pvpshards metas only so people have to go there and force flag to even attempt them. (last one removes having someone straight up jump back there unflagged and catch the killer off guard from an untouchable pov unflagged.

    PvP and PvE gear should always go to the same ceiling if we run unified working equipment, better raidfocused pvp maps and a better designed conquest without timers but zone control per faction to gain the top tiers would make sense, brings back strategy over stand behind pack, tab and 111 3shot things.

    While at it, remove cc utility from the usual souls and stick such things directly into the pvpsouls alltogether, shouldn't be hard to pick those up for raidencounters where you need em and makes everyone a bit more equal.

    While at it bring back stealth detection that BM kitty used to have somehow, just not nonstop which rendered it a whole lot more useless please.

    So many things PvP you could do to make people cream themselves over the letters Rift and bring back some serious $$$$$ by numbers instead of pissing off the playerbase until you have to milk a fraction also so yay for long term rifting in a more enjoyable way.

    E a healing vs damage metachange would maybe also adding to thsoe pvpsouls aoe haling taken increases st damage taken and st healing taken increases aoe damage taken, shouldn't be too hard to find a working balance and with pvp utility like that taken into pvp souls it should be quite easy to go forth with pvp specific damage/healing buffs/nerfs across the board per soul and skill to achieve pvp based balance, something severely needed over blanket nerfs. What's seemingly most lacking atm is the effectiveness of aoedamage in pvp for example while aoe healing made quite a return.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elayara View Post
    I really would like to answer to that, but no matter how hard I try, I find no way to do that without tripping over some of the red lines that are in place here.
    So at least I cannot discuss anything I want here, even though it is not personal, no vendetta, no rant, no trolling - just a couple of facts I dare not mention here.

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    Default Rift PVP FPS Moba?

    This change was never asked for. The ST healing nerf was never asked for. Is this change being made because you are reverting the original heal nerf that was put in place? If not, this is ridiculous.

    Frostkeeper aside (new soul and you are slowly reeling it back in with last nerf and tomorrow's nerf) ST healing is not in a good place right now. If you add this on top of the current meta it will be useless to roll heals in a WF. Also - no one rolls AE heals in a WF ( at least not PVP'ers) when there are no ST heals to keep them up, so not sure what you are getting at with the AE heal push).

    Phys healing is not good, Cleric healing is terrible currently (25% global healing nerf plus the 15% to Divine favor) -- pathetic.

    Its almost as if Trion no longer wants a Trinity based game. Mind you, I didn't say that is what players want but want Trion wants..... Think about that. If I wanted to play GW2 or a MOBA then I would not be playing Rift.

    Here is what should have been done a while back:

    1. Reduced AE heals (but figure out how not to gimp Cleric ST heal builds (Divine Favor) into the ground)
    2. Reduce cross-healing (this was the elephant in the room and the main issue)
    3. Reduce damage a little to help with TTL and ease gear gap
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyens View Post
    • Twisted Soul (Major) - Reduces single target healing the target recieves by 35% for 6 seconds. Cannot be cleansed.
    • Twisted Soul (Minor) - Reduces single target healing the target recieves by 15% for 6 seconds. Cannot be cleansed.

    The following abilities now apply Twisted Soul (Minor)
    • Nightblade - Fell Blades
    • Marksman - Vampiric Munitions
    • Ranger - Wolf Pet Maul
    NB/MM its linked to a proc'ing buff that can trigger off any skill they use.

    Ranger you tied it to a pet that noone uses, and if they do, not for long because you can't keep it alive more than a few seconds in pvp, and even if it does stay alive, the pathing issues, travel time, cc on the pet etc, make the addition of it a comical waste of time comparatively to having it linked to a self buff in MM/NB, you might as well not even add it to the ranger tree if that is the way it is going to go live.

    I get your thought process on the overall addition of the debuff, but this application of it, the truncated soul selection, not the way to go.
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    I am having the same feeling as the folks who posted earlier - this is just going to destroy PVP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hailolyergory View Post
    Yes because testing on live shards work so well.... Just see the "CQ test"
    On live we could actually do any testing at all.

    EU prime time http://imgur.com/pp3KYPJ

    We can't give any proper feedback without playing different WFs with different team compositions. We can`t do that on PTS.
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