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Thread: Myrmidon Gear - How do you unlock skin?

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    Default Myrmidon Gear - How do you unlock skin?


    I would like to unlock the wardrobe skin for the Myrmidon gear, but was wondering how to go about it without spending a fortune in REX?
    The upgrade path for all the Freelancer gear to Myrmidon needs various types of Myrmidon's Cells which cannot be bought with game currency as they all require Warlord's Marks, which AFAIK is no longer available.

    I started working out the price using REX, and as I would want to unlock for all classes, there are about 24 items, (weapons, capes and armour) all of which need 1-2 cells to upgrade to Myrmidon. I stopped counting when I reached 80k REX! This a silly price just to unlock a skin for gear that would be useless now.

    Are there any plans to change the purchase price to exclude currency no longer in game?

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    you can't really get them any other way, no. people have requested they become available but ocho said on a reddit thread awhile back that people who have all of the skins might not feel like special snowflakes anymore if they did this, which seemed to be their reasoning behind keeping so much art unobtainable and buried for so long. keep in mind this is a very small group of players too.

    there are a lot of skins that could be unlockable for credits, but aren't. you'd figure they'd start there with ways to make money but i guess fluff doesn't sell?
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    80k Rex wat

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecru View Post
    people who have all of the skins might not feel like special snowflakes anymore
    Hello? Planar Squirrels?

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    If they sold the squirrels instead of giving them away tho...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nasacrim View Post
    If they sold the squirrels instead of giving them away tho...
    Trion refuses to sell stuff we would gladly pay for while hammering us with "pay as you go" for all the mundane stuff we rather grind for, and then complain about not making enough money... go figure.
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    There was a wardrobe vendor in the PvP area in TB who (if still there) might have the skins for sale. When you walk into the room, he was the first vendor on the right.
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    Yeah I think the main problem is that the upgrade components are no longer available, so while you can purchase Freelancer gear for favor, I haven't found a way in which you can obtain the skin by itself, other than from requesting the skin from a player vendor.
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