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Thread: warmonger priority question

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    Default warmonger priority question

    I'm (finally!) about to get my first warmonger weapon, but I'm not sure which to get. I have enough to upgrade it too.

    I'm on a rogue and I usually play bard on big zerg maps ( because only have basic pvp gear, so figured I might as well support the better geared players on my team ) and assassin on dom maps/maps with small playercount. I intend to make a nightblade build at some point too.

    If I buy the dagger, does the Ice Zerker proc works even when I'm using range attacks, or only melee attacks? Not sure how weapon procs work.

    But there's of course the DPS to consider, getting the bow will increase my DPS a lot when I'm bard, but bard's dps isn't exactly as important as assassin DPS. Most of the bard "dps output" is the DPS it gives to his team... So I wasn't really sure.

    So basically asking, rogues who play both melee and ranged, did you get the bow first or the dagger?
    And it's "unique equip" so you have to buy the dagger and the hammer, I take it?

    Just making sure because I read the thread about someone who think he might have just wasted 1.2m favors buying something that doesn't work well, don't want to do the same thing heh.

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    "your next 5 single-target attacks"

    That's what the tooltip reads for the Ice-Zerk proc. The other proc is "critical hits."

    The healing version is: "critical heals and absorbs"

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    My advice: depends on how you are with respect to the 5% damage set bonus. Zerker typically seems to do about that, whereas the bow proc is only 1-2%.

    Bow pros:
    • Easier to get the 5% dps set bonus. You can ignore the trinket which is the worst slot to upgrade (so rare to get a good proc trinket with good stats, and it returns the least per favor/AC invested too).
    • Proc is ~1-2% dps/healing in whatever spec you want.
    • Weapon dps affects ranged specs, but it's hard to say how much you actually play them.
    • Ice zerker does maybe 5% of your dps, and yes it works on ranged attacks. About the same as a core fragment's proc does.
    • You give up the weapon dps bonus on your melee specs.

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