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Thread: Run by flagging

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    Default Run by flagging

    Anyone been in a WF and watched someone run right by a node and pick it up without even stopping? You know that thing that takes an average (or honest) player 2 seconds to pick up and always with the dreaded risk of interruption?

    My guild quest often for WF's to work on weekly guns for hire etc. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it sure grabs your attention quickly.

    Just wanted to see if this has been witnessed by other WF participants. Or the fact that in one WF I feel like an DPS god and others I suddenly become the lamb for slaughter Example popping all CD's to include an Ethereal beam channel and not see a melee's health even budge, .only to seconds later have your face utterly melted in under 2 seconds.

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    Is this the tinfoil hat thread?

    I've never seen that in thousands of warfronts. Might just be lag too.

    As for your second point... Yup, heals are strong.
    No healer on the enemy team = everyone on your team will feel like gods.

    The damage is balanced to be reasonable against heals. In big zerg games (Whitefall, etc.. ) there's often more than 10 million heals total.
    Remove that from a team, and it's just like if your team dealt 10 millions more DPS than usual.
    Yup, people go down.

    And as for "using every burst and nothing moving", this usually means a combination of crossheals on the enemy team and terrible focus fire from your team.
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    I agree that its probably just lag.
    Ive seen what appears to be instant pickups, or simetimes i hit them mid pickup and it doesnt interrupt and i assume thats also lag and they had completed the pickup half a second before i saw it.
    If it was an exploit i think loads of players would notice and complain, but they dont, so its reasonable to assume its just a bit of lag.
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