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Thread: Was there something I missed this weekend?

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    Default Was there something I missed this weekend?

    All the warfronts I played on Saturday and Sunday were extremely odd.

    People were the squishiest I have ever seen in a LONG time. I ended up in a conquest that had at most 8 people on two sides and 2 on the third side...

    I was able to solo kill 2 in a group of 8 before I was taken down every time I engaged they were so squishy...

    Was there a "Only play your under geared alt in PVP" weekend event I was not informed about?

    I didn't see many familiar names at all in the warfronts/conquests I did. Basically only saw Hundreds a couple times...
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    Might have something to do with this.

    Then again I don't PvP so there could be an entirely different reason I fail to grasp.

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    The PvPers have left the house! .. Trion told us (with 3.0) "we don't like you very much", they told us "even if u pay you get 2nd class status", they mocked us by giving us 4mil Favor PvP weps and removing Favor bonuses at the same time, ... finally "Patron rewards" .. yes we are gone, please shed a tear for us from time to time in remembrance
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