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Thread: wf videos

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    Default wf videos

    i decided to record some wfs to show what its like solo qing/rifts pvp,at least for me. yes these are bad but i get wfs like this 60% of the time,its becoming the norm. i recorded 4 more yesterday that i never uploaded,go figure.getting dropped/put in wfs like this should not happen even if the score is not "out of hand yet" in the past few weeks i have lost 200 elo and 4win%.


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    Default Sliding Scale Impact on wf to Bang my Face on Keyboard and Rage

    Good PM > Bad PM > Good Duo / Trio > Bad Duo / Trio > Good Player > Potatoes

    Sometimes 1 potato can make the difference … but the higher on that list you go the better your odds are.

    A pocket healer and you could have won that 1st WF
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    Agree how inconsistent Matchmaking is, sometimes you go 8/10 win sometimes 8/10 lose, there are just not enough players queuing to even out the gear/skill differences.
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