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Thread: Regenerating interest in PvP Dimensions

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    Default Regenerating interest in PvP Dimensions

    Hi all,

    First off, I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to read this.

    Second, a big thank-you needs to go out to Tawsuoko@Faeblight, Coldsprite@Greybriar, Izatwitchy@Hailol, and Jegodin@Seastone for their contribution.

    A few months ago I decided to build a PvP Dim to regenerate interest in the concept of PvP'ing in dimensions.

    I set out to build my own map, and the result as it sits today can be seen below.

    Understandably, there are a lot of issues surrounding this build. With that said, as I've mentioned, this was simply built as a demo map to regenerate interest in the concept.

    It was purpose built to house Guild vs Guild battles, with objectives. I hope that with enough support, some developers can turn their focus to sorting out the issues surrounding PvP Dimensions to make this possible.

    With that said, allow me to introduce The Bridge.

    Regenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_194305.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-21_233749.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_190705.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_190556.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_190431.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_190338.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_190258.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_190136.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_190112.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_190047.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_185859.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_185828.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_185713.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_185624.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_185508.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-21_234832.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2016-01-30_194940.jpg

    Built from the ground up in the Anywhere Dimension. This 5/5 1990/2000 item Dimension is fully functioning, aside from the objectives, which are yet to be implemented. It is designed for 20v20.

    Main flag is at mid bottom. Each team has a flag at their castle as well, with carry stones on the roof of the castle.

    Mid flag is like Codex, and should tick for more points. Advantage is given to the team that holds the top of the bridge. Players can drop down to the flag from the top of the bridge, but there is no quick way back up. You will need great communication, and need to play to your teams strengths. You will need to divide your team in to assault and defense groups, and swap people around as needed.

    The original build only took an hour to plan, and actually only took a few hours after that to complete using stone tiles:

    Regenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-11_151109.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-11_151248.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-11_151348.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-11_151432.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-11_151452.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-11_151655.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-11_151738.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-12_183911.jpgRegenerating interest in PvP Dimensions-2015-10-12_184227.jpg

    From there, I worked on and off for a few months, with some help from others, before it finally ended up as you see it.

    The map was designed with equal footing in mind to avoid the need for bolstering.That means that no matter how strong or weak your team is, the winning factors will be great communication, smart & quick plays, and it will ultimately come down to who knows their team the best to be able to play to their strengths and weaknesses.

    The strongest team will not win here as the advantage is separated from the objectives.

    I hope you all like it, and enjoy the map. If you would like to support the effort to revitalize Dimension PvP and be able to PvP on such a map, or be able to create your own maps to PvP competitively in, log in to Deepwood and +1 the Dimension (You can find it by searching for my name, or "Guild PvP", in the Dimensions window). Alternatively, whisper me (Sylvexis@Deepwood) for an invite.

    With your support, we can turn some developer attention to PvP Dimensions and make it feasible for everyone to build their own arenas to PvP in ... imagine the possibilities!

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    Nicely done. I'll see if I can get on later to take a closer look.

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    Wow great job and very creative.
    Mischiief Aeternna Verittie Trieu

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    Gj. How functional is this dimension. Could we test a 5 v 5 there this week?

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    All is see is lag.

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