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Thread: Bronze Tomb bug thread

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    Default Bronze Tomb bug thread

    On the latest livestream, Ocho said he would like to see a consolidated thread concerning the bugs and complaints about Bronze Tomb.
    Let's keep it civil and list everything in one place so they have a punchlist of what to correct.

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    This may or may not have been reported before, but it was a new bug for me. I queued into Bronze Tomb - the match had just started and I was on the attacker side. I did not load into the standard load area. Half the area around me wasn't loading, was completely black, and was only "illuminated" when I went into that side - upon which the opposite side turned black. During timer and progression announcements, the black areas would go away and I realized I was in a completely enclosed room - no way out at all. I was only ported out of the area when we switched sides, upon which I arrived where the rest of the raid was.
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