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Thread: Another bronze tomb bug?

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    Default Another bronze tomb bug?

    Haven't encountered this one before so not sure if it's a known one here. It's hard to keep track of all the bugs involving this wf.

    Anyway last match our team successfully defended on the first round, the enemy only taking the first room. Upon switching sides, all of us were respawned in the second room, not the first. The points there were not usable, neither in the final room; but the best part: the first room was inaccessible. So we could never cap anything at all, and a pretty certain win turned into a loss. Dying also respawned us in the second room, there was just no way to do anything at all. See screenshots for locked off first room and general confusion. Bonus screenshot of the 'defeated' mockingly floating on the screen when we were done running around helplessly.
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    +1 FK this WF just take it out till you fix it!
    If you are not bleeding then you are not trying hard enough

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    Default Remove this WF!

    Same issue all day....remove this wf until fixed...or better yet remove it all together.

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    there are no known bugs in that warfront.

    if there were any bugs, im sure developers would have acknowledged and fixed them all in a timely manner.

    we had enough time to test it on pts too. since we didnt test it enough its only our,players, fault, so lets no blame anyone else for it.

    i have had no problems with that warfront. we do occasionally spawn at same point as attackers and defenders but im sure thats intended.

    sometimes there isnt anything to capture, but im sure thats intended aswell, co called the RNG factor of PvP.

    now, unless community wants to provide actual feedback i would advise us all not to make anymore topics and stop the whining about that WF.

    pretend its ok. ok?

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