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Thread: Explain to me the actual difference between PvP and PvE servers please?

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    Default Explain to me the actual difference between PvP and PvE servers please?


    Newly returned, greatly enjoying the game. Had hoped there was open world pvp roaming stuff to do, but it seems that even on pvp servers there is no perma flag, and the EU one certainly is pretty empty. Is there actually any point rolling on a PvP shard?

    Currently playing EU but I could roll on US ( my ping will suck regardless, thanks South African internet), any input appreciated.

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    Satire answer: PVE servers have players on them.

    Serious answer: PVP servers mean in open world zones you are always flagged for PVP. PVE Servers fully support cross faction gameplay. This means on PVE servers you can have cross faction guilds and groups (Which makes it considerably easier to grow guilds and find groups for a wide variety of activities)

    Even if you do roll on a PVE server you always have the option to 'shard-hop' to a PVP server by right clicking your portrait and selecting another server you can hop to another server temporarily, which is pretty cool. This means if there are ever any PVP events going on you can join in.

    Good luck!

    ~ Seatin
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