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Thread: Drone vs. PVP

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    Default Drone vs. PVP

    So I got my new Phantom 3 pro Drone...
    the question is...

    Fly my drone or play PVP with my extra time
    lets see.....
    join a totally unbalanced WF?
    grind less than BIS gear?
    No open world PVP
    CQ is .. well, you know what to say here.

    Fly a totally cool new 4K camera in the sky?
    going 45MPH, 400 feet in the air, 1.5 miles distance

    I think you know my answer...

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    Your drone will bore you pretty fast, Want to bet? =o

    Anyway, you should'nt be flying it right now? instead of being here?

    Just curious =o

    Sincerely, Exxy

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