There are miriad flaws in PVP atm, gear, matchmaking, BT, WF, Karthan, lots of glitches lots of places people abuse a "feature" but the worst offender is the player base; the level of dumb has reached new heights. Examples:

BG Im in lib ... I ask the raid for 1 st heals to help nobody switches .. we lose 350-500
Dom Maps im in Primalist ... I ask a rogue or two to go stealth and back cap .. they dont know how to play anything other than MM ... we get back capped all night and lose.
BA im in a stealth speed spec .. stealing their fang 2-3 times ... nobody is willing to team up 1 healer and 1 tank or dps to protect our fang ....

The vast majority of the issues in PVP today are related to poor play on the part of the player base as a high ELO player I see this more as I am always on the underdog team.

Perhaps if Trion didnt force PVE players to PVP for marks this wouldnt be an issue ... I don't know but in truth the level of play in PVP is atrocious of late.

Basically if I cant q with a 3 man + so that we can dominate a wf ... its almost always a loss i get it ... I have a high ELO i should carry the team ... and I have no problem with that .. but the level of play of the average player makes it almost impossible to do that succesfully.

I dont have an answer per say .. .I dont know how to fix bad play .. but other than forcing PVE players into PVP Im not sure this is a Trion fail. Maybe it is Im just not convinced.