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Thread: Just hit 65...gear discrepancy

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    Default Just hit 65...gear discrepancy

    I actually enjoy Rift PVP and warfronts (gasp) but I just hit 65 so I'm holding back on joining any warfronts until I can get better gear b/c reading the forums it sounds like I'll get annihilated just from the gear gap

    I'm anxious to join but how would I fare if I had un-upgraded Expert gear? Or un-upgraded Raid 1 (Frostkeeper)? Is there a GENERAL level of gear where the gap is more closed and it averages out, or could I even get gear from the auction house (mostly crafted stuff like thalasite helmet) and make it work?
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    If I get the bolstering system right ( someone corrects me if I don't ), it doesn't really matter what gear you have unless its at least about as good as whatever drops in the pvp boxes.

    If you have trash gear it'll buff it to a certain point, and - again, unless I'm wrong - it'll buff it to the same point whatever that is.

    So if you have an item that gives say, 5 wisdom, it'll buff it to 100 wisdom.
    If you farm some dungeon to get an item that gives 80 wisdom... it'll still buff it to 100 wisdom. So it won't change anything.

    What does change something, is to rune up your gear and dream orb it. This goes beyond the bolstering. (so it'll buff it to 100 wisdom + rune + dream orb).

    Get a strong weapon ( because those don't drop in PVP boxes anymore ), but for the rest, it doesn'T really matter. Just wait for it to drop.

    And yeah you'll get wrecked by people with BiS gear, but you'll get wrecked by these guys even if you farm for months, so might as well just take it up the *** and do as best as you can against them/everyone else until you get at that point yourself.

    Edit : Until you get to the point where your gear alone makes you a valuable asset on your team, your importance is gonna be all about doing the right thing, being at the right place, and all that stuff. (This also applies for geared players, but these can do well even if they don't play optimally )..

    Understand how maps work, understand what you should/shouldn't do in given situations, and how to be most usefull for the team. Not even half the players knows that, so if you do, you're already ahead of them, even with bad gear.
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    Don't let your gear put you off joining wfs. You get bolstered and winning a wf gives you a Marauders cache which may contain gear, essences or trinkets. Plus you want to be earning favor to either save for Warmongers weapons or to purchase accelerators to use towards upgrading the dropped gear from the caches. Don't forget to pick up them weeklies too.

    Just get stuck in and work towards them objectives
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    Default So let me give you some facts

    You should totally join wf's and learn the maps etc

    Every gear slot should be filled including all essence slots. Dont waste money on gear just farm the PVP Boxes.

    As a totally bolstered 65 your dps will suck

    You should learn a healing spec - you will be far more useful to your team healing until your geared up at least in all Dreambreaker with a decent wep.

    Dreambreaker gear will drop from every win - Stack Crit power and primary stat heavy until 3100 CP then stack primary stat heavy + ap/sp - Until you have all the right pieces using a less than optimal piece of dreambreaker is acceptable.

    Your ratio of wins to loss's will be far better if you do as I suggested and heal for a while than if you go in as just another awful dps that gets 3 shot and nobody bothers to heal you.

    Make friends and roll as a duo / trio - 1 heals rest dps

    Those are the basics ... after a month or two of that you should be all set and will then have more options.

    The biggest mistake people make is joining PVP with empty slots and awful gear solo and being just another free kill for opposing team. Learn to heal, if your a mage learn dom, if your a rogue learn a stealth spec for dom maps

    I just won a BT becuase a rogue had a stealth / speed spec and capped rooms 2 + 3 before anyone could catch him ... its not always about the dps/ hps / gear - its about knowing the maps and playing smart.

    Also - bear in mind the most optimal PVE specs are never the Best PVP specs .. break free's are your friend
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