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Thread: can we get runes in the wf catch?

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    Default can we get runes in the wf catch?

    can we please get runes in the wf catches? maybe in others too?

    i notice one of the things that makes part of the lop sided matchmaking is people are not runed then others have everything runed. this gives the runed player 500+main stat and other bonuses.
    i'm not asking for Bis runes but maybe level 50-60 ones (at 65). this would let people know about runes and offset the massive advantage the runed players have over the none runed ones.
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    BiS runes provide:
    • 1714 main stat
    • 98 AP/SP
    • 139 crit power
    • 316 crit rating
    • 400 endurance

    Add in full dream orbs and that's another 1011 main stat and 425 AP/SP. Hell, full BiS runes/orbs almost meet the NTE minimum stat requirements by themselves. People that don't enchant their gear are at an extreme disadvantage.

    I can support runes, maybe some PvP consumes (e.g. the old warlord insoles/chaps/padding and maybe level 65 adjusted Battlemaster brews) as well being added to Marauder caches.
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    and more money won from participating in PvP. i so poor !

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