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Thread: Bronze tomb and people who give up after first stage

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    Default Bronze tomb and people who give up after first stage


    2 people out of ~15 make up 52/76 kills. Half our team afk... We couldn't even get a draw (I got stunned then silenced as I went to run into the full enemy team solo to prevent cap).
    If we can't get the 3rd sword as attacker, everyone just gives up and afk's in the defending stage because it's not possible to win so we end up losing...

    Also it doesn't help that people get loaded into the game after we failed to get the 3rd sword as attacker. Those people get loaded into the game without the possibility of even winning...

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    i got stunned at the spawn point so gj
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    10 healers, 2 tanks to aoe each side, both teams equals a tie every time. this strategy removes all strategy from the map, sometimes you might get lucky.
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